Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drop The Needle

Authoress (Miss Snark's First Victim) is hosting a 250 word critique fest next week.  I hope I get in.  I really need a critique.  But I'm quite excited.  Thank you, Authoress!

Last night I broke my cardinal rule of writing first drafts: Do Not Under Any Circumstances Read What Is Already On The Paper.  I went back and read the last half of Chapter 11.  I thought it was okay. Some parts were awesome, and some parts made me question my English skills.  This is why I don't do this sort of thing normally, because then I have an obsessive urge to edit it immediately, or I begin hating my writing.  The latter is bad, since I need motivation to finish.  So, I learned another lesson besides don't screw with MS Word.  Don't break the Cardinal Rule.  Obviously.  

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