Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Barely Making Deadlines = My Life

Bahahaha!  Just finished "Beauty and the Minotaur."  9,708 words. What a monster of a short story.  It ballooned bigger than I ever thought it would.  I think the climax is awesome; I cried. But the ending needs a bit of work.  It's too abrupt and doesn't resolve everything the way I want it to. I really have my work cut out though, seeing as it's due APRIL 30.  Ahhh!  I half-killed myself finishing this thing.

The next few days will be some intensive editing for both this and "The Language of Dumplings." See if I can't do a quick one-over before I enter it.  I'd love to have another week.

Cannot.  Wait.  For.  Summer.  My history TA must really be intent on killing me with assigning another essay a week before the final. Thanks. And also failing to give us the prompt while she's at it. Even better!

I can't wait to have my own room again.  Living with someone else is kind of fun, but I am definitely anticipating private living space.  Something about having the ability to hang out in the nude if I want. I don't do that.  (Really, I don't.)  But I like having the option.

Call me weird.


  1. Options are always a good thing : )

    I struggle so much with writing endings. It's unquestionably my weakness as a writer. Is this common for you as well?

  2. Yeah! I always feel like endings should be big and grand. My endings are never as epic as I want them to be. Sometimes, I think I just want to hurry up and finish something, so I end up rushing the last bit.

  3. There's always the "Lady or Tiger" option, I suppose lol : )