Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book Meme

Ugh, writing is NOT going well right now.  And I have a deadline.  I really need to get my act together.  There's just all too much going on this week!  Anyway, here is something rather fun.

1.  What author do you own the most books by?  J.K. Rowling and C.S. Lewis.

2.  What book do you own the most copies of?  I don't own multiple copies of books...the Bible?  We have quite a few Bibles around our house.

3.  What fictional character are you secretly in love with?  I have seen way too many answers of Mr. Darcy and Edward Cullen.  I don't even think my answer should come as a surprise.  Percy Jackson, of course!  Do I choose being a vampire or being the daughter-in-law of Poseidon, god of the sea?  Definitely the latter.  Also, I have a penchant for liking boys who save the world before they have breakfast each morning.  I am aware Percy is a few years younger than me.  Whatever.  It could happen.  In my head.  (Friday, I will tell you why this series means so much to me, and why I am psychotically obsessed with it, so deal with my fanaticism until then).

4.  What book have you read more than any other?  Hmmm.  All the books I own are books I read multiple times.  This is just a guess: possibly HP 1.  Or HP 3 (my fav of the series).

5.  What was your favorite book when you were ten years old?  The Horse and His Boy of the Narnia series.  I was in love with that series when I was ten, thanks to my fifth grade teacher. Also, Uncle Tom's Cabin.  Yes, I read that when I was ten, because it was the only English book I had while I spent my summer in China.  I adore that book still.  Probably my favorite classic.

6.  What is the worst book you've read in the past year?  I won't say.  That's mean.  It may have sucked, but it's just my opinion, and I'm sure the author liked it.  Someone must have liked it along the way.

7.  What is the best book you've read in the past year?  The Time Traveler's Wife.  Also, the Percy Jackson series, but writing-wise, the former is better.  And more acceptable amongst people of my age. Both are in my dorm room (which means they must be phenomenal because if you could see my room, you would know I have no space for anything that isn't essential), and I re-read them often.  

8.  What is the most difficult book you've ever read?  Well, I'd say The Clockwork Orange, but I never finished it because it was too hard (am ashamed).  Probably Uncle Tom's Cabin, by virtue of the fact I was ten, and there was a lot of slang I had to say out loud to figure out what it meant.  I read the first chapter numerous times to understand it.  But it had to have been really, really good, or else why would I have tried so hard?

9.  What is the biggest gap in your reading?  Haha.  Adult fiction. I still read a lot of YA. What can I say?  I love the genre.  Except I hate the books that aren't fantasy, historical, or literary.  No, seriously, I hate the ones that remotely resemble Gossip Girl in any way, shape, or form.  I hate ones about high school and boys and drugs and pregnancy or whatever.  There are a VERY select few I have read and liked.  I also don't read romance novels (don't confuse this with novels that contain romance).  Or much sci-fi.  Or mystery. Huh, I guess I'm pretty selective.

10.  Favorite novel, play, and poem.  Novel: Can't pick.  Too hard. Play: Les Mis.  Poem: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

11.  Who is your favorite writer?  Donna Jo Napoli.  My judge of favorite author comes from who has written books that I consistently enjoy.  J.K. has written one series I like.  Stephenie Meyer has written one series I like.  Rick Riordan has written one series I like. Donna Jo Napoli blows me away with every single novel she puts out. When I go to the library, I go to her section and re-skim her stuff first every time.  It doesn't matter that I've read it all a billion times.  I aspire to write like her, even though I will never come close (she's very literary).

12.  What are you reading right now?  John Locke and Karl Marx. Thanks, poli sci.  Ooo, I officially declare it as a minor tomorrow. Joy. I don't even know why this is necessary, as I don't get any scheduling perks as a minor.

13.  Best history?  I don't know what that means.  Best historical period?  Best historical novel? Best historical nonfiction?  Uh, Tudor England, The Other Boleyn Girl (I read it way before the movie because I read Tudor novels voraciously), and Marie Antoinette by Antonia Fraser.

I skipped some questions, like best sci-fi and all that, because I don't read sci-fi, etc.  Feel free to steal this and do it yourself.  

This summer I'm taking a creative writing class, legitimately.  I'm rather excited (but scared too; what if the prof hates my writing, ah?!). Also, I got a job at the Daily Illini (newspaper) as a copy-editor.  I'm mainly excited to receive the swipey card that gets me into the building.  I've always wanted to work for a newspaper.  I don't want to be a journalist for a living, I've just always had this fantasy of working at a paper.  I could be the coffee girl, and I'd be happy.

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