Monday, May 18, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

KLo was nice enough to give me this pretty, pretty award. It's my first one.  I'm so excited and grateful.  So, now I have to pass it down to ten other (female?) bloggers who I think have a lovely blog.  Okay, to be perfectly honest, I don't read a ton of blogs, so I may not get up to ten, but I'll do as many as I can. Maybe I should stop being so anti-social in the blogosphere.

1. Philosophy of KLo -- I don't care if it's illegal to re-award someone, and I don't expect her to repost it.  But I have to award her since I do read her blog every day.  She always has such cool topics.

2. Lin Wang - Teen Writer -- Member of the Blog Chain of Awesomeness who is younger than me but has her life together way more than I do.  Sometimes, I stare at her portfolio in amazement/envy.  I want to be motivated like her.  

3. Somewhere Nowhere In My Kingdom -- Member of BCoA who always has thoroughly entertaining posts.  I enjoy them.  I also like Canadians, as a general rule.  (Joking.  I love people all around the world equally, of course.)

4. Gibber Jabber and Sometimes Helpful Nonsense -- Member of BCoA (this is starting to sound like an exclusive club, no?) who must be an mind-blowingly fabulous writer, because all these agents are biting at her first manuscript.  One day, I'll be able to walk into Borders, see her book on display, point at it, and yell like a lunatic, "I knew her virtually before she was rich and famous!" ...Yeah.  Or something like that.

5. Girl With A Notebook -- Member of BCoA.  Firstly, her blog name is awesome, and I would like to steal it.  Secondly, she goes to IMSA (Math and Science Academy) and she's also writes. So I am jealous, because I am not good at anything outside the realm of humanities.  

6. Wuthering Life -- I love the idea of having a character do a blog post every week.  It's so fun to read.  Also, Sam is pretty cool for hosting the Virtual Write-In way back when, because I got a ton done that day. 

7. Tara Maya's Tales -- I like reading about her writing process, because I am a creeper like that. Also, if you check now, she has a delicious decent picture of Brad Pitt in "Troy" up.

8. Myth-Takes -- As if that's not the cleverest pun ever.  Danyelle is also super sweet and friendly, and her blog is the epitome of loveliness.

Er...there you have it.  Other blogs are ones where I don't ever say anything in real life, so then I don't want to pop up and be like, "SURPRISE, HERE IS AN AWARD, BUT YOU DON'T KNOW ME." Or they're important peepuls' blogs like Nathan.  Who also most likely would not appreciate a bouquet of roses.  (Sorry to the man-types who got shafted.  I like Eric's blog very much.)

I adore all of you, and your blogs are all very entertaining.

(Here is the link for you, Percy Obsess-ie, in case you didn't find it in the comments for the last post.  I love new people, so don't be afraid to de-lurk again.)

And now I am finished link-whoring.  


  1. Thanks so much, Icy Roses! In case you don't know, I am Canadian too... Kim (Somewhere Nowhere My Kingdom) and I are actually classmates. Looks like I will have to pass on the award - except that like you, I don't follow that many blogs.

  2. Thanks for giving me this award!
    Yeah Lin and I are in the same Creative Writing class. LOL

  3. Thanks so much! I absolutely love your stories! I think I may try my own hand at some have inspired me!

  4. Lin and Kim - the more Canadians the merrier.

    Percy Obsess-ie - I'm so flattered that I could've inspired you. If you do write anything, I'd be happy to beta it (if you so desire), and if you leave me a comment, I'll definitely go read it. Good luck!

  5. Aw, you're sweet. Thanks so much!

  6. Aw, thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying my particular brand of crazy... ;)

  7. I'm honored, thanks so much for liking my blog! Of course I'm hoping you'll see my book in the book store someday too. : )

    Love reading your blog too!!!

  8. Aww... thanks.
    Even though I don't think I really deserve it. Or have anyone to pass it on to who hasn't gotten it already. :S I'll have to think about that...

  9. Thank you so much : ) You're making me blush : ) : ) : ) I love your blog!