Monday, May 11, 2009

What Kind of Punishment Is That?

I am well aware that I am one of the oldest readers for the Percy Jackson fandom.  I've met one other college-aged kid who reads it and writes for it.  (I've bullied all of my friends into picking it up this summer; one has finally started and she adores it; yay me, but that's another story.)  Since I am a big girl now, I have the luxury of going to the local Borders/Barnes & Noble and buying books to my little heart's content.  It's the great thing about growing up, earning money, having a car, gaining independence, etc.

I guess it's kind of a foreign concept to be seeing younger kids say things like, "You're so lucky! I have to beg my mom to drive me out to the bookstore and buy it.  I have to be extra good this week." The sad thing is I've seen a few kids who say their parents won't buy the last PJO installment for them, for reasons such as bad behavior, or the simple principle of always waiting for the softcover version.

Okay, what?  What the heck, parents?  If your kid loves this book so badly, then, excluding serious financial reasons, why aren't you getting it for them?  Firstly, maybe this is only my crazy opinion, but if you're going to save money somewhere, do it on something other than books (maybe videogames, toys, or movies).  PJO isn't even that expensive anyway; it's a children's book.  And splurging on one long-awaited hardcover is not going to break your budget.  If I am ever THAT financially desperate, then I'll cut back on my book collection, not my children's.  Secondly, if my kids were that excited about a book, I would be thrilled out of my socks.  Of course, don't get me wrong, at eighteen years old, I don't have kids, but hypothetically.  I would definitely not punish bad behavior by denying a child a book.  What kind of twisted logic is that?  "Jimmy was a bad boy today, so I'm going to halt the progression of his literary growth."  What the eff.

Of course, being the impatient little people they are, they've resorted to methods such as reading the Wikipedia article for the last book.  Heinous!  Note to self: never push your children to that degree of desperation.

For those of you who do have children, feel free to offer your thoughts.  Or if you don't have the little buggers.  Whatever.  I just feel so bad for these kids.  I hate waiting for the next installment in a series!  It would be utter torture for my mom or dad to say, "No, dear, you can't have it."  Let's be honest: I'd walk to Borders, pop a squat, and spend the day reading.  Cheap, but hey.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.


  1. I don't understand it either. We love books, as do our children. We'll have to visit the library more often in lieu of the bookstore as spouse creature goes to school, but it will be worth it. Once he's through, the Book Buying will commence in ernest. O:)

  2. I don't understand this 'only as a reward' thing either. I mean as a parent, there are so many electronic things out there waiting to snag your kids interest, why in the name of zombies would you ever turn down an opportunity to get your kid to read?