Saturday, June 6, 2009

For Future Reference

Google images is like Schrodinger's cat experiment.  You can search something, and the end will either result in:

a) a live cat, where all is well and you find the image you want


b) a dead cat, and you end up with some unnecessarily horrifying visual depiction of something you never ever wanted to see in your life.

Problem is, you don't know until you've opened this awful Pandora's box which cat you are going to get.

You might end up getting a dead cat.  And nobody likes a dead cat.  Me least of all.  I love cats.  I am pretty much the young American version of Mrs. Figg, Harry Potter's crazy Squib cat-loving neighbor.  

Sometimes, when I am writing, I will Google image stuff in order to describe it better.  Well, in today's bit, I wrote about Meg scraping up her knees (had to look that up; not attractive), and in an elaboration of how she hates seeing the blood of others, the time Heracles came home with a broken arm.  

Do not EVER Google "complex fracture."  Just.  Don't.  Unless you want to be treated to a picture of a bloody skull with the skin pulled back.  If you are not a neurosurgeon, you probably don't want to see it.  Funnily enough, I had little difficulty writing about Meg's nausea upon seeing blood after that lovely snapshot.  

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  1. *grin*

    Schrodinger's cat is one of my son's favorite things in his physics book. :D