Friday, June 26, 2009

Top 5 Sites For Writers I Visit Daily

Kind of late.  But that's okay.  Lumiere's mike worked today!  As did EVERYONE'S.  It's a miracle. We are in an outdoor ampitheater, so you know the humidity screws with everything.  Sunday is the last show, and I will be sad.  Sound of Music starts in July, but the cast is all different, and I am rather attached to the current cast (from afar, because cast people don't even know the pit exists).

Topic by Rebecca.  This list is highly subjective because I visit a lot of sites daily, and I can't narrow them down to five.  So know that if you are on my blog list on the side, or you follow me, or you comment on my stuff, or you don't even know me because I just secretly stalk you that way...I visit your blog.

1) ElanaJ - She's not here this week (stalker alert) because she's camping, but normally, she has interesting topics.  And she's real funny, ya'll.  She provides humor and knowledge for me.  It's a win-win.

2) Rachelle Gardner is a literary agent for Christian fiction.  So she can't represent my stuff, but she is fun and informative to read anyway.  Plus, she updates every day.  Therefore, I can legitimately claim I do visit her site on the daily.

3) Miss Snark's First Victim - This is not an every day thing, but this is the first site I stumbled upon when researching.  I participated in a Drop the Needle critique and a 1000 Words critique and the comments greatly helped my piece.  I also, of course, try to comment for Secret Agent contests.  There are a lot of writers who follow her blog, so just a heads up if you are subtly trying to network--it's an easy way to meet other writers.  But be sincere.  Actually provide helpful comments and other people will return the favor.  You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. That's how we writers roll.  We're nice people.  :-)

4) Lady Glamis - Wow.  Here is a blatant case of stalker.  I have never commented on her blog, I'm pretty sure.  She definitely doesn't know I exist.  But she has the most helpful posts for good writing techniques.  She rarely gets off topic (she won't go on a random tangent about robot love, for instance).  Check her out if you get a chance.  She knows her stuff.

5) MAUREEN JOHNSON - Firstly, let me admit I have never read any of her books.  I will fix that promptly when I find time in my life to not write/play music/attend classes/volunteer.  This is kind of a blanket statement because I creep on almost all of her friends' sites too.  The whole trifecta of awesome: Libba Bray, Justine Larbalestier, and Maureen.  I've only read Libba Bray's books.  Again, I mean to remedy that because how can I follow authors and not actually read their books?  It's lame to the extreme.  Is it weird to anyone else that all these bestselling YA authors are friends?  Even Wikipedia makes note of it, and if Wikipedia has noticed your clique, then you are legit.  It's like the mafia of YA fiction.  Or the YA author mansion.  Anyway (see how unconcise and unLady Glam I am?), Maureen is made of funny.  I don't think it's possible for something not hilarious to come out of her mouth at any given moment.  If she wrote a book about her life, I would be all over that.

That's my list.  And if you're not on that list, be aware that I am probably all over your blog anyway.  I know all about your life.  I'm like Edward Cullen.  I watch you when you sleep.  

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  1. :) It's interesting how some people we may constantly follow, but never comment on. For me, I comment when I have something to say, which usually hasn't been said many times before.

  2. The Edward Cullen line cracked me up. I'm totally stealing that for everyday conversation. Hilarious.

  3. So I'm pretty sure Facebook just disconnected me and will not let me back on. Which sucks because the conversation was just getting good! I have Gmail chat if you want to continue there.

  4. I don't have a Gmail chat? I have AIM, I haven't logged on in ages, but it still exists (I think). I'm preppigurl21 (don't judge, I made it when I was eleven).


    I'm jkoke89.