Friday, July 10, 2009

The Friday Five

AH.  I have absolutely nothing useful to say.  Which is why I did not post yesterday, even though I planned to.  

1. Harry Potter 6 is coming out.  This is exciting.  Are you excited?  I don't have tickets yet.  This is not okay!  I need tickets.  If I miss the midnight premiere...I don't even want to think about it. Also, the Percy Jackson teaser trailer is reportedly coming out with the HP movie.  As low as my hopes are for this project, I am still dying to see the trailer.  

2. How long does it take you to finish a draft?  I am feeling epicly slow.  Especially for summer.  I should be whipping this thing out faster.  New goal: be done with this draft before the semester begins.

3. I am not suicidal.  There is a line in Chapter 3 of ATRS: "There were worse things than dying young."  Someone in my writing class said in his feedback, Don't get any ideas.  :-)  Haha, thanks for the concern.

4. There are other things you can learn in a creative writing course other than creative writing. For instance, we learned the origin of the condom (we are so classy).  Also, yesterday, the same guy who told me not to kill myself (yay?) taught me something utterly cool.  You know the clicky button on your key that unlocks your car?  If you  put the key up to your head, it works from farther away.  None of you know me in real life, but I am probably one of the most gullible people you will ever meet.  I thought he was pulling my leg until he dragged me out to the parking lot and made me test it out for myself.  It works!  This is never going to be useful to me in any way, but still...awesome.  Although, I told him if I get brain cancer one day, I'll be sure to put the blame squarely on him.

5. Would somebody please explain to me how Facebook is useful in furthering your writing career?  The only thing I know Facebook to be useful for is destroying your chances at getting hired if someone tags you in drunk pictures.  Yet I keep seeing all these agents saying you need to get a Twitter, you need to get a Facebook.  I have a Facebook, of course, but it's because I've had one since high school, and everyone my age has a Facebook.  You use it for social networking with existing friends.  How do you meet new people over Facebook?  I don't friend anyone I don't personally know.  Therefore, no one who does not personally know me can look at my information.  And I flat out refuse to get a Twitter.  No offense, but unless you're a celebrity, I do not care to know about your minute-to-minute doings.  The only time I went on Twitter was for news on the Iran election.

6. (I know I said there would be five, but I thought of something else, and it took me a long time to come up with that title so DEAL WITH IT) I am helpful on Lady Glam's blog.  I have officially shed my stalker status.  Win.

As usual, more writing needs to be done, and I am a slacker.  Story of my life.


  1. You're famous! Congratulations!

    And yeah, I'm sort of with you on the whole facebook issue. We're going to put that off unti we have an actual publication deal. No sense in starting one if it's just going to be all the same info as our blog. And really, who wants to friend two random aspiring authors who are just hoping to get a book published? Um...yeah, all the people that we're already friends with on the blog.

  2. I just found your blog from Lady Glamis's The Innocent Flower. I love your style! Have a great weekend!

  3. I'll be in Yellowstone when HP comes out. And why the low hopes for PJ? I a-dore PJ, BTW. Should I use initials for this whole comment? OK. LOL!

    It takes me anywhere from 18 days to forever to finish a draft. You're doing fine.

    Facebook is self-promotion. Blogs, book signings, sales, NYT lists, etc. I have mine now because A) my high school friends are on there and B) agents are on there and C) other authors and writers are on there. It's just a social networking tool. I like to lurk and watch what the published authors do and say and how they use it. Then maybe when/if I get pubbed, I'll know what to do. Maybe.

  4. Jill - Thanks for dropping by!

    ElanaJ - Meh, I don't know how I feel about it because I don't really like the casting (for certain characters), and I just think it would be very hard to put PJO on screen. I'm gonna keep my expectations low so maybe I can be pleasantly surprised.

  5. And it's awesome that you are helpful on my blog! So thanks for coming out of stalker status. Hehe.

    I think Facebook is a great networking tool, but only if you use it right. Elana is right that it's good self-promotion. And whoa about the key thing... weird!