Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Fun Facts

These facts aren't that fun.  For some reason, I feel like Fridays need alliteration.  I am too tired. There are three facts.

One.  While I was biking with my friend on the trail today, some random kid spoke gibberish at me, and it took me a minute to figure out he was making fun of the fact that I was Chinese.  Now how am I supposed to respond to that?  I mean, the kid is like younger than ten.  So he clearly doesn't know any better.  You can't berate a child for being ignorant.  It was just kind of weird, because I am usually unaware of my race unless someone points it out.  And yes, my friends are highly inappropriate and shout random Asian words at me in greeting (Toshiba! Mitsubishi!), but it's a joke.  That's different.  If an adult did that to me, I would unleash a string of colorful ENGLISH words at them to prove I am fluent (and most likely better at grammar than they are). But it's a kid.  Hmmm.  I guess the general message is this: if you are a parent, don't let your kids be assholes.

Two.  I love Phineas and Ferb so much.  I'm nineteen.  Disney owns my soul.  I accept it.

Three.  Another reason why fanfiction is awesome is you can write about necrophilia, incest, and threesomes and have it be perfectly reasonable.  Most people won't bat an eyelid.  I have not done this.  I'm just saying.  I read a really good threesome fic the other day, and it occurred to me how weird it would be if I actually read a published book about something like necrophilia. When it's a fanfic one-shot, life rolls along without disturbance or controversy.


  1. Now I want to write a book entitled: Don't Let Your Kids Be Assholes. That has potential. And I'm talking like Oprah levels of potential.

  2. Oh, no -- I can't believe that these stereotypes are still so damn annoying. And, boy, if LiLa wrote a book like that: NYT Bestseller forever! ;)

    I am not familiar with the Disney show you've mentioned. I will have to Google it. (On the other hand, Disney movies own my life.)

    And, finally, fanfic is the best thing on the planet! I raise a toast to the inventor!

    P.S. I checked out Donna Jo Napoli on Amazon and my jaw dropped when I skimmed through her first pages -- um, yeah, our styles are a bit similar. I ordered The Smile. Let's see what I can learn from her.

  3. Lisa and Laura - Dooooo it. Write that book!

    Weronika - I think you'll really like The Smile. Tell me what you think when you finish it!

  4. P.S. Do you have a Facebook account?