Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh, Those Lazy Summer Days

Apologies for my sparse presence.  Today is Monday!  Time to get to work again.  Yesterday, I went biking with my friend instead of writing.  Just because I am naturally skinny, does not mean I am naturally fit.  So that was nice.  And our town really is quite pretty if you stop and pay attention.

Here comes the awkward part of the summer where my class is over, the musical is over, half of my family is missing, and school doesn't start for another three weeks.  Yes, my mom and my brother are going to China for a couple of weeks, so it's just me and my dad.  I'm going back to the land of my birth for winter break.

My birthday is on Thursday.  This may sound weird, but I don't really like birthdays.  I don't like planning social events (luckily, I have friends who are awesome planners), so as you might imagine, birthdays are more of a hassle than anything.  We may be going on a bar crawl in Champaign.  That involves no planning.  Yay!  But I should also celebrate part of it with my dad at least, as I think he gets lonely when nobody is home.

I'm at 53k.  Progress, anyone?  Tell me about it.  Does your writing go faster or slower in the summer?  I'm really trying to get this draft done before the semester starts.  The first few weeks will be pretty packed with reading, work, and just being with people, so I don't want to worry about filling a daily quota.  Editing should be perfect for that time.  And then, betas!  I haven't shown this draft to anyone (except people in my creative writing class).  I am ready for more opinions, more critiques.


  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you have a nice break ahead of you. I'm tying up loose ends, revising my latest book before I rewrite/revise a Christmas book I wrote last year. I really wish I were writing something new right now!

  2. Writing should go faster during the summer, shouldn't it? But for some reason I never write as fast as I do in November. =] On the up side, I do have big chunks of time now, so I'm making progress on revising my novel while I have the time to really delve into it. I have sort of the same goal -- I want to finish this draft before the school year starts, so it'll be ready to give to people when I see them again. =]

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I have written way less this summer than I did in the winter. I really think it's because of the weather and having my son staying up later that throws me off. When you live where there are four seasons you have to make the most of the summer! Just like your bike ride!

    Enjoy the birthday festivities and I agree, family and friend time are both important. Have fun!

  4. Happy, happy birthday! I wish you all the best!

    53k is impressive and I hope I can be there by the end of my summer, which draws to an unfortunate close on September 8th. As for writing, I tend to write only during the summer because my schedule/work load becomes too much and I quickly lose sleep. Overall, though, I am always afraid of running out of time during the summer, so it moves quickly as I scramble to put words into my .doc file. :)

    Cheers, and best of luck as you progress with the WiP!

  5. Happy birthday, and congrats on your word count. Progress always feels so good. :D