Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Triumphant Return

You know what is great about fanfiction?  After you write it for two days, you are plenty ready to get back to your novel.  And things just flow like water.  They should.  I haven't worked on ATRS except on Monday, and I miss it!  

Is there something you need to have next to you to write well?  Mine is coffee.  This is so stereotypical (and stereotypically wrong, because I don't know any writers except me who prefer to write in a coffee shop).  But I think my brain works better when it is on caffeine.  And not a lot of caffeine, because I don't have a high tolerance for it.  If I drink too much too fast, I get headaches. But a small cup (iced, please) does wonders for feeding my imagination.  It also probably does wonders for staining your teeth and making your breath smell jank, but whatever.

It is official.  I have a mother fetish.  I have another idea for a fanfic (because I am so DONE writing angst) that involves teenage pregnancy.  I am so wholesome.  I should give in to the fact that I will never write anything without a character who is a mother.  This one will not be written for a while, because I want to get ahead in the novel.  I'm getting into a juicy part with lots of witty repartee.  Also, I find fanfictions come easier if I get an idea and let it percolate unconsciously in my head for a week or so.  And of course, I abandon a lot of ideas, so this one might be abandoned anyway.  

Sound of Music opens today.  Wish me luck.  I'm the only flutist this time, so if I mess up, I can't blame it on anyone but me.  I Have Confidence!  And Do Re Mi and all that.

PS Did you know (according to Statcounter) that you can find my blog by searching "Elysium blog robot?"  Because apparently someone did just that.  I have yet to get something as interesting as "child leashes slut monkey" like Lisa and Laura.  Although maybe you can now because I JUST TYPED IT.


  1. Haha, yes. Apparently someone found my blog by searching, "Screnzy I'm on a bench". I have yet to figure out how that makes sense.

    Good luck with Sound of Music. :)

  2. I'm obsessed with the skinny vanilla iced lattes at Starbucks. It's a bad habit.

    Blog robot = Awesome. Thank you statcounter.