Monday, August 24, 2009


Hmmm.  I'm getting tired of themed posts, so this is going to be a quick mesh of random thoughts running through my head before I run off for my HIST 200 (Family, Gender, Law: Transitions, East and West).  Yeah, I have no idea what this class is going to be about either, but unfortunately, it was the only one left of the HIST 200s, that all history majors have to take. I have a sneaking suspicion that the department barely knows what this course is about so they half-assed a confusing name that sounds sophisticated.  But I will be optimistic.  One of my textbooks is "The History of Divorce" and that sounds interesting at least.

There is a British guy in my History of the British Isles course.  Here is my question: why would you come to America to take a course about your native land when you could take that course in your native land?  Open your horizons!  I guess I'm preaching to myself, since my favorite subject is American history and I live here.

Let's play a game of "what I would write if I were not working on this project and I had more talent," shall we?  My answer: steampunk!  Firstly, it's the "in" thing.  Everybody else is doing it, Mom!  Also, steampunk just threw fantasy out of a closed window.  Steampunk is the literary Chuck Norris.  Too bad.  It sounds way too hard.  And I am unfamiliar with it.  But if anyone has a good steampunk reading recommendation, I'll be happy to take it.  Leave your answer to the "what I would write if I were not working on this project and I had more talent" game in the comments.

I have to read Beowulf this week for HIST British Isles.  Lucky it's short.  I've only read the Wishbone version--but I consider that legit.  Back when the world was better and I was a whippersnapper, TV had smart shows that made kids learn about classics, instead of dumb shit consisting of slapstick fart jokes.  So anyway, I have hope that Beowulf will be decent.  It's about a Scandinavian guy beating up crazy monsters.  How wrong can you go with that? Eighth century Anglo-Saxons had good taste, even though most were illiterate, eh?

Happy Monday.


  1. I've read Beowulf, am reading it again this semester, and I've seen the recent movie of it, which surprisingly wasn't too far off. I'd think with your love of myths you would like it but sometimes ya just never know.

    I have no clue what that history class is about but good luck! The divorce part does sound interesting though.

    Right now, I'd just like to have time, energy, and the concentration to sit down and work on my WiP. Life and college are needy little children, it kinda sucks. :(

  2. I would so write steampunk if I had any idea what I was talking about, and more talent would help, yes. :P

    I also love U.S. History, but mostly stuff around the Revolutionary & Constitutional periods. For some reason I increasingly lose interest the closer we move towards present time... Anyway, you're not taking courses on your native land in another country, so it's different?

    Hope the subject of your class soon becomes clear. :)

  3. You know, you sound way too smart and responsible to be a college student. When I was in college I would be on my way to class, see a friend, and end up getting talked into a Sex in the City marathon instead of history. The reason it took me so long to write my first novel is buried in that anecdote somewhere.

  4. I would love to be able to write steampunk! And historical novels. :)

  5. Steampunk sounds cool! I'll just stick with sci-fi, and fantasy...and adventure... :D

  6. I think you need to re-write Beowulf in Steam Punk. I'm right, you know I am! My girlfriend is writing a SP right now and her book sounds soooo cool! Good luck!