Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Freedom

I finished the Thomas Becket/Henry II in-class essay test today.  You know what is NOT a good idea?  Studying the night before in place of sleep ("Oh it's okay, I have time after The Office; it's okay, I have time after Community...").  I thought my brain was leaking out of my ears by the time the test was done.  

Goal for next week.  Bind, gag, and stuff my Inner Editor into a box, put the box into a safe, set the safe into a cement, and then throw the cement block into Lake Michigan.  I can find her again after I'm done with this draft.  You know...since I've done so much writing this week...

Fun book quote of the week from my friend Jill at lunch on Thursday: "If Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings got wasted, had a one-night stand, and then abandoned their love child in the woods, that would be Eragon."  I think I died laughing.

...Sorry, Eragon fans.

I made my week better by going to the mall with a friend and buying clothes from Forever 21.  I feel shallow, but new scarves improve my mood.  I have a scarf weakness.  I can't control myself around them.  Maybe I should go to therapy.  Since college students have so much money for frivolous shopping...

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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  1. I laugh because I so sweetly remember those days of braindead college life. Enjoy them while you can and don't be afraid to do stupid things every once in a while. Just not too stupid. It makes for good life experiences, which equal fodder for writing.
    I, too, have a fondness for scarves, which is silly, because it was about 85 with about a hundred percent humidity.

    Have fun this weekend. ;)