Friday, November 20, 2009

Because It's Friday

...before Thanksgiving break and I have nothing to contribute, why don't we all enjoy a little more Logan Lerman in our lives?

Move aside, Taylor Lautner. I got my new illegal, 17-year-old crush. Badass water power is way better than turning into a smelly, hairy wolf.

How freakin' good does that look, huh?  If you have a non-positive answer, don't even say it. I love you, Percy Jackson! <3


31852 / 50000 words. 64% done!

Still on track. I have three papers and a final project to do in the next week, but today, I'm just going to concentrate on the fact that I have no classes, and I just signed my lease for next year! Yay for not being homeless!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi, I'm Nonie. I just landed on this post from google. Anyway, I'm soo excited for this movie! Logan Lerman is perfect as Percy. :-D (and nice blog! :))

  2. Very impressed with your work : )

    Just out of curiosity--does it ever bug you when film adaptations are made out of books that are so incredibly popular (Logan Lerman aside, of course ;))? My high school students have just discovered Percy Jackson and are going nuts flying through the books ... but will this continue when they learn of an upcoming movie?

    By the way ... yeah, he's FAR superior to Wolfboy : )

  3. Nonie- Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad we can share our PJO joy together. :-)

    KLo- Trust me, I was really mad when I found out about the casting for the movie. They radically changed the plot, and no doubt, your students will not be happy about that. But I've decided to view the books and movie as separate things, and plus, the special effects look pretty good. Helps that Logan Lerman makes some good eye candy. Also, I hope that the movie brings more exposure to the books (which deserve much more publicity)--that's my main reason for liking the movie.

  4. Glad you've found a place to live- that must be a relif!

  5. Okay, looks pretty epic. I'm excited. I'll probably be there at the theater when it's out. Hahaha. Plus, I love Sean Bean, and Kevin McKidd was so good in Rome. And he dude playing Luke was in this great episode of Supernatural!

    Hope you're having a nice weekend! Yay for having an apartment!