Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

For writing. Because those might actually come to pass. As for the normal life ones, I don't see the point of them. They're nice for about a week until I fail spectacularly and think, welp, I've always got next year. 11 months to go! So that's how successful my life is.

While you'll all undoubtedly be having lots of fun on New Year's Eve drinking champagne, getting kisses, and partying it up past midnight, I will be sitting on a plane, staring like a vagrant dog at the flight attendants for my next meal. Fact: I get hungry almost every two hours so sitting on a plane where they only give you four meals (ish) is absolute torture for me. I'm basically starving the entire trip. Sometimes, I feel like I'm pregnant because I'm so damn hungry all the time. I must be eating for two. Also, turbulence scares the crap out of me. Not to mention, that scary Detroit pseudo-terrorist thing a couple days ago doesn't make me feel good either, but at least I'm traveling out of the country instead of in. But positive, right? Think positive. I am thinking very positive.

Writing resolutions time.

1) FINISH ATRS, REALLY. I started this thing last January. It's time to clean it up, edit the crap out of it, and send it out. I have to test the waters sometime.

2) Not be so bad at doing updates on FFnet. Also linked with this, stop promising updates that I cannot follow through with. Whoops. I am getting better, kind of. Lie.

3) Finish the NaNo book!

4) Start new, shiny urban fantasy project with water horses and selkies YAY (stop tempting me, you slutty new project, you).

That's all. It's not too ambitious, I guess. I'm starting small.

PS My mom is approving my suitcase right now YES PARENTS PLEASE FLIP THROUGH ALL OF MY CLOTHES TO SEE IF THEY SUIT YOUR STANDARDS guh. Fine, if you don't understand that I have to bring every single scarf I own; I can't part from my scarves! Packing is such an ordeal in my household. Mom, I am wearing high-heeled boots to the airport. I don't care that they aren't practical. I am not a very practical human being. That's why I'm a writer.


  1. I think those are great goals! Good luck on them!

  2. Finish those writing projects! The sky is the limit! That's what I'm reaching for in 2010!

    Hope to hear all about your successes. Have a great New Year!

  3. Looks like you've got a firm handle on what you want to do this year. That's awesome! Can't wait to see how far you go!

  4. Ah, so little time to make resolutions!

    Have a safe trip, and I hope you have good in-flight movies. Maybe you should bring snacks to fight hunger?

    Happy New Year!