Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday Ideas and Silliness

Mrrhajskd, I have a test tomorrow morning, by which I mean, in eight hours. So, I'm pondering here tonight before I hit the sack, about ideas.

Before you write a novel, you have to have an idea. Some people get ideas easily, and for some people, it takes a while. Sometimes ideas fly toward you randomly during the day, and sometimes, you have to actively think about it. But once you've gotten these ideas, what makes you put them on paper? What makes you decide which idea you want to commit? There is one thing I know about myself, and that is I am a huge commitment-phobe, in all aspects of life, so it stands to reason that I would be one as a writer too.

Tell me what you think!

Also, I answered all of the questions Sarah threw at me, and here they are:

What is your favorite book you've read recently? What song do you wish wasn't ever invented? What song do you wish you invented? How many hours procrastinating do you spend a day? If Estee Lauder bottled up the essense of Johnny Depp, what would it include?

I cut out a lot of rambling, but the end still sounds like I inhaled laughing gas. I like to think my writing is a lot more articulate than my speaking, hah.


  1. I don't get ideas very easily. You can probably tell from my rampant blog post idea snatching. So I SHOULD write down every little idea I get, but I don't because I'm weirdly paranoid about letting those suckers out into the world. So I keep them locked up in my head until I know I've got them under control (or rather until I better know what's going on; I never REALLY know). That and I'm also commitment phobic. :P

    Your vlogs make me want to do vlogs, but I'm afraid I'll be terribly awkward. That and I'm quite sure there are already terribly embarrassing vids of me floating about online.

  2. OMG DO A VLOG, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. :-)

  3. Ahhh!!! Why did it take me so long to get here?!! I can't believe you made a vlog for me (*cough* I can't believe I subjected you to so many questions)!

    I LOVE Everything by Michael Buble. It is one of my Top 5 most-played songs on iTunes! He was totally at the Olympics Opening Ceremony...did you see?

    Hehe, and I am most pleased to hear that you're (nearly) as bad as I am with procrastinating! I say (nearly) because well...look how long it took me to get here! And I wasn't even doing anything productive. I mean, I like to pretend I was

    Mysterious men ARE more attractive! And Johnny Depp IS made of win! And so are you!!

    That was an awesome vlog! Thanks for answering all my questions! :D