Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beginnings and Endings

The second most exciting part about writing: starting a new story. Writing the beginning.

The most exciting part about writing: The End.

So yeah, since I have nothing important to say to you all, other than that I have been studiously reading, doing LSAT problems, hanging out way too long at Borders, drinking more much coffee than is acceptable for summertime, and generally loitering around my house and burning things on the stove, I will blog about this.

I am, as it is, writing The End for Three. I know, nobody cares except my fannish readers (and I know some of you creep on my blog even though you never comment because I am all-knowing* - you are allowed to comment, by the way, I love you readers). But it is so exciting to write the end of something, and I feel the obligatory need to do a post on it, just because most people do a post when they finish something, and I rarely finish things worth posting about. I value everything I write, because it is all part of the process of improving and learning what works best. 

I am so excited that I can't even sit still long enough to actually write it. I sent this email to my writerly buddy who has seen me through nearly six months and 50,000 words of this fic:

"I am writing the last scene of Part Three. SO CLOSE. I AM ALMOST THERE. I feel like I've been giving birth and the baby has finally crowned."

Not asking you to celebrate with me or anything, because it's not like this fic is going to get extensive editing, but it has been doing a great job in getting me back to writing. I love summer and the ridiculous amount of time you can spend procrastinating but still end up writing more than you do during the year.

In other news, I think I forgot to blog about this a while back, but a squirrel attacked my leg (unprovoked), thus ending my love affair for chasing small, furry animals whenever I see them. 

Tell me a funny story. About writing, being attacked by rodents, or otherwise.

Do not, I REPEAT, do not google-image "squirrel," because you'll get a picture of a man with a skinned squirrel in a pan with squirrel pie next to it. This picture was SO not worth it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

*AKA I have StatCounter.


  1. Congrats on your ending! That's so exciting. I'm close to finishing my novella, and I'm nervous and excited and frustrated and frantic all at the same time.

    Sorry, I haven't been over here for awhile, but I love your new look for the blog, and I'm really glad to hear your writing is going well. :)

  2. Yep, I'm a lurker. :]

    But like I said over on LJ--congratulations!

  3. Hi :)
    First of all, I LOOOOOOVE the story :) I cannot (!!!) wait for the last chapter.
    Secondly, I love beginnings and endings too. That's the problem with my writing sometimes. I like writing the beginning but then I get bored with the middle.
    Thirdly, I showed my best friend your warning note. She decided to go google it anyways. Her reaction was enough to let me know that I should NEVER google that. :)
    Annabeth16Chase (aka one of your fanfiction fans :D)

  4. CONGRATS! No, writing THE END on any kind of writing is a BIG DEAL. This also means I can finally read Three. I've been thinking about reading it, but I feared being left on a cliff. I like instant gratification. Haha.

    Squirrel story: At Berkeley (and I'm sure most college campuses), the squirrels know that people have food, so they are BOLD. I just didn't know how bold until one cornered me on a small, foresty path behind some buildings as I was trying to get to class. Sitting in the middle of the road, it saw me coming and did NOT move. When I stopped, it came up to me, sat next to my shoe, and stared at me in that imploring squirrel way. Then it moved around to my other side and stared at me some more. When it became clear I had no food for it, it scampered off, leaving me feeling weirded out. It was cute, but kind of scary. I'm sorry one attacked you. That's pretty scary.

  5. Ah, yes, the end is always a big deal. I never feel like I get it right the first time, either.

    I have no rodent anecdotes today, but next time I hear one, you'll be the first to know. ;)

  6. I'm a stalker. Yes, I stalk only you and greenconverses' blogs. But that's because you're wonderful authors. like <----------this-----------> wonderful.

  7. Hey there :D

    I'm glad you're doing something interesting with your summer ^^ everyone else is just eating or sleeping...

    Congrats on your ending! ....and squirrel assault?

  8. YES, I HAVE STALKERS. I feel so loved and special to have people read my nonsense. :D

    Jefffffff, come back from China NOW. Also, you saw the horrible wound (aka scratch) firsthand. Newman has dangerous squirrels. Fact.

  9. Another stalker here. It's almost 1am in Sydney and I've just discovered the ending part of Three. I so want to read it RIGHT NOW, but my eyelids are really battling, and I want to devote a proper amount of time to read your fic and not fall asleep on you. I have no idea why I didn't go on immediately after your lj post...

    Anyway - congratulations to you!!

  10. angelmaple - Yeah, I wasn't sure you had an account, so I was going to let you know via LJ but because my memory is crap, I forgot, haha. Enjoy, though!

  11. I love squirrels. Even though they are overly possessive of their cookies... and like to jump out of trash cans to startle me... and think I'm weird for walking around in the cold at seven o'clock on a sunday morning...

    Also, belated congrats on the finishing... now if only I could finish something... =]