Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breaking News

So this is why I haven't been blog posting. 

The night before:

11:00 pm. I'm totally going to bed early. I have THINGS to do tomorrow.* I need to wake up early. I am going to be proactive and go to bed at a decent hour. Hold on, I just have to do my cursory before-bed Facebook check, because you know, I might be missing something epicly important that is happening in the Facebook world.

1:30 am. Well, shit. Sometime between 11 and now I ended up on Youtube watching old Boy Meets World episodes. Whoops.

2:30 am. Actually go to bed.


9:00 am. My alarm clock wakes me up. I deserve an extra ten minutes of sleep, I decide in my semi-conscious state. My semi-conscious state has a very different way of looking at the world and decision making process than my conscious state. Push snooze button.

9:10 am. Snooze.

9:20 am. Snooze.

10:30 am. Somehow, I pushed the snooze button through an hour and half of hazy bad decision making. Okay, I'm just going to sleep another ten minutes, I swear...

11:10 am. Shit. Get up. Brush my teeth. Shower.

11:30 am. DO RESEARCH, OMG, I HAVE A MEETING AT THE MUSEUM TODAY. (For the record, you never want/need to know how prevalent necrophilia is in this world. You really don't want/need to know what kind of nasty stuff happens at funeral homes sometimes. It is also really not helping out my case as a normal person that I know the various stages of human body decay now. It makes me not want to die in the near future. Or ever.)

12:30 pm. Time for lunch/Barefoot Contessa on Food Network.


1:30 pm. I'm not wearing publicly acceptable clothes! Change. Put on makeup. Straighten ridiculous, uncooperative hair.

1:50 pm. Drive, drive, drive to the museum.

2:10 pm. Am late for meeting like I always am. Talk about interesting things. Display my pretty outlines of things I am going to write. I am studious. I am organized. I am the picture of responsible intern.

3:10 pm. OMG FORGOT ABOUT LITTLE BROTHER. Must drive home and send him to tennis by 3:30. Am really late.

3:40 pm. Get my brother to tennis. Go to Borders and do LSAT problems out of my PowerScore Bible. Finish two logic games in the amount of time it is supposed to take to finish four. Miss three questions. Panic a little about my future and the state of my life. I am never going to get into law school. Elle Woods has fooled me with her breezy LSAT studying ways. I am not glamorous when I study. I resemble a drowning muskrat, perhaps.

4:45 pm. Mother calls. Go pick up your brother, she says. Drive, drive, drive to pick up brother.

5:15 pm. Get home. Straighten ridiculously uncooperative hair. Put on concert dress. Eat food.

6:10 pm. Drive to theater. Am late. Opening night for Once Upon A Mattress. 

7:30 pm - 10:00 pm. Show. Fail a lot at playing coherently, but I'm a flutist so nobody can hear me anyway. It's all good. 

10:30 pm. Go home. I'm so going to bed early. Really.


Notice how writing did not figure into this schedule. Also, blogging. But this time, I have something important to say. Elana Johnson, Lisa and Laura Roecker, Casey McCormick, Shannon Messenger, and Jamie Harrington are hosting the first ever WriteOnCon (August 10th-12th). What is that, you ask? It is the first ever online writers conference for kidlit writers (children, middle grade, and YA), and you can go here for more information. I'm sure you all know about this already, and I'm completely late to the game. As you can see, I'm late to a lot of things. I run on Asian time. But I think you should all register because there will be a lot of cool people in attendance (agents, authors, and more!) + me. And it's online and FREE, which is great! Because I don't have money and/or parental permission to go to an event somewhere.

Once in a lifetime chance, guys. Check it out, at least. And now I'm going to bed. No, really. I'm absolutely not watching Boy Meets World, what are you talking about.

*I'm roadtripping to Milwaukee this weekend to visit friends, which is why I'm trying to be more responsible before I go, otherwise I'd spend the whole day reading, watching empty TV like Phineas and Ferb, and eating. 


  1. :) I love playing flute - you're so right, no one can tell when you mess up. :) Especially in marching band. :D Anyway, I hope you get some time to write soon!

  2. Have a great road trip! I hope you get some relaxing in. ;)

  3. Bahaha this is my first visit to your blog and I'm already falling over laughing! I love how you took us section by section of your day. Very enjoyable, I'm sure not while living it considering you had to be late, panic and then be late again but all in all you are used to living it every day!

    I'm glad that even though you thought you didn't play up to par that you still did well and no one noticed! Oh and great job picking up little brother, no need to make him wait.

  4. Hmm, your sleeping-at-a-decent-hour fail sounds suspiciously like what happens to me when I try to sleep on time... Let's just say I'm glad it's finally the weekend, but it's going to be packed!

    Also, I was once a flutist and not a very good one. Go you for still playing!

    Have fun on your road trip!

  5. I love Barefoot Contessa! She's like FoodNetwork crack to me. You are a busy girl, girl!