Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hey, Where Is My Letter From Hogwarts?

This week, I reread The Deathly Hallows and have decided, on the whole, I like it much better. It is, to this date, the only Harry Potter book I have not reread countless numbers of times. The other ones, I practically have whole passages memorized. DH, I felt it was so anticlimactic upon finishing it at 6:30 am the day it was released (also feeling quite numb and dead from exhaustion and the fact I'd have to get up in two hours for traffic school), that I put it on my bookshelf and did not touch again until a few days ago. 

But I have revised my opinion upon rereading it. And my conclusion to that is that HP is still the most rereadable books I've ever read. You can reread them endlessly, and they only get better. Also, by this time, three years gone after the release, it's impossible to read any of the books without an overarching emotional reaction to the whole series. The resonance of the series and my attachment to the characters is so strong that it's practically impossible to read anything HP without liking it to some degree. When I cracked open the first chapter to DH, man, the nostalgia hit me like a brick wall. Yes, it was much better the second time around than the first time, where I was trying to beat the clock and the rest of the world in finding out What Happens At The End.

But this all does not change how much I still love HP, guise. The world is so freaking real, you feel like the characters must exist somewhere on this good, green earth, if only you knew where to look. And I very much enjoyed revisiting them.

So in the spirit of that, I would like to celebrate Harry's birthday (July 31). It's too bad that we don't share one, because that would be pretty sweet, but unfortunately, mine is a day before. I'm fated to share a birthday with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is, let's face it, marginally less cool than The Boy Who Lived. 

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Snape kills Dumbledore. What?


  1. Awww cmon, the Govinator is awesome LOL. Happy birthday! I hope your birthday is wonderful and you keep smiling all day long.

  2. Happy birthday! And yeah, I was going to make some sort of Governator comment, but I've got nothing. Harry is definitely cooler, but then again, he's not the one governing my state. XP

    I've read the first 3 books more than once, but only the 3rd more than twice. It's my favorite, but that's possibly because I have a huge crush on Professor Lupin.

  3. OH NO SPOILERS! haha :p

    Yeah, I feel the same way every time I crack open HD--it's like reliving my childhood. :]

    (Also, happy birthday! =D)

  4. I agree about DH - when I reread it a few months better I liked it considerably more than the first time when I rushed through. The nostalgia was a lot stronger than I expected too. Each time I venture back into the HP world it's bittersweet because now I already know how it ends.

    Happy belated birthday!