Friday, July 9, 2010

Things You Love and Hate

I am notoriously good at having hypocritical relationships with things. Here are two things I almost always have when I'm writing, yet are TOTALLY BAD for my writing.

1) Internet. My family is in-between Internet companies, so we don't have Internet at home anymore. While this is driving me crazy, it's turned out to be crazy-good for my writing. Turns out 50% of the time I'm "writing," I'm actually on the Internet, pretending to do "research." Facebook counts as research, right? So without the Internet, I no longer have to do "research," which means I am mostly writing when I say I am writing.

2) Coffee. Coffee is to me the way Twizzlers are to LiLa. I have somehow convinced my brain that my best writing comes as a result of caffeine, which turns out to be a complete lie. Because recently, when I have caffeine, I start having heart palpitations. Yeah, I'm being serious. It does that weird fluttery thing and I feel like I can't breathe unless I loosen my clothes and go somewhere cool. This is, undoubtedly, bad for my health, and yet every time I go to a cafe (because I have also somehow convinced my brain that my best writing comes as a result of being in a cafe), I buy coffee. Not to mention the caffeine makes me really jumpy and practically unable to focus on one thing for more than 5 seconds. I don't know why this is happening. I used to drink coffee almost every morning during school. Hmmm. But honestly, I should probably stop because I don't want my heart to stop functioning.

Is there anything you use as a writing crutch? (I signed up for WriteOnCon today, and now I'm super excited.)


  1. I definitely have to agree with internet. Sometimes it helps my writing, but more often than not it hurts it, or at least hinders. Also, when I try to be too professional, my writing suffers. Trying to write every day is good, but I'm trying to write full time, and I'm not even out of school yet. Too much pressure and I crack. *sigh*
    Also, you might want to see a doctor about that caffiene thing, it doesn't sound good. :( Have you tried tea instead of coffee? I switched about six months ago and now I can't imagine life without my green tea in the morning. :D Maybe you can keep the coffee, just be sure to drink more water? Sorry for the unsolicited advice, I just have a love/hate relationship with caffiene myself, so I can understand the problem. :)
    That's great that your writing is going better. Keep it up!

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  3. Internet is such a dangerous thing. I'm really sad to hear about how coffee is turning on you. WTH. It's kind of doing that to me too. I love it, but there have been a few days where I think it's giving me headaches, and I'm like SRSLY? ME? I thought my caffeine tolerance was too high for stuff like that...