Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week of Celebration/Countdown/Mindless Panic

Several things on the agenda for this week.

1) WRITEONCON IS ON TUESDAY, YOU DON'T NEED AN EMAIL REMINDER, YOU HAVE ME. I'm so excited to absorb all of the wisdom that will come out of this event. I will be a happy, happy sponge. Preemptively thanking all of the organizers. This is the first "writing conference" I've attended. Reason #128290 why the Internet is made of awesome. I'm pumped beyond all reason to be surrounded by freaks like me. This is like the atmosphere of NaNoWriMo, except with more food and less angst.

2) 10k on the new manuscript, guise. And a good 10k. The kind that will cause me less distress when editing comes around. The characters are taking the story in different directions than I originally anticipated, and I am cautiously following their lead.

3) Less than a week before I move back to school. This brings me great joy but also great misery. Great joy because I get to return to the wild where I have no curfew and nobody can tell me what is an acceptable use of my Friday night. Plus I miss everybody like crazy. Sunday can't come fast enough, I swear. Great misery too because I have thus far done no packing or preparation whatsoever. And I'm moving into an apartment this time, which means I have fewer RAs and authority figures making sure I am fed and sober. More closet space, but this means I have more stuff to lug over there. Excluding death by sharks and paper shredders, moving in is about as horrible as it gets.

4) Along those same lines, I am in a state of MINDLESS PANIC right now, because next week is Editor Training Week for the newspaper, where we collectively decide to not crash and burn for the year and start putting out the first issues. And talk about goals. Stuff like that. I am trying to put together the schedule for my tiny staff (after the quitters and the graduates and the people who REALLY NEED TO CHECK THEIR EMAIL, yes, open letter to my copy editors: get on that), and at the moment, it looks like my future is going to involve work, work, and more work. Which means less writing and non-work friends. It is right about this time when I start to wonder who decided to spike my lemonade last year when I applied for copy chief, because I must've been as high as a kite on PCP when I took the job. Who possibly believes I can live up to the demands of this gig? NOT ME. /anxious

5) Being the lameass that I am, I finally read THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson (took me long enough after the endless pimping on the blogosphere) and I'm officially joining the list of people whose brains have been broken by this masterpiece. Jandy, your writing completes my life, dear. Please never stop. Love, a poor writer who grovels at your feet.

6) In other news, the LSAT is kicking my sorry ass up and down Logic Lane and trouncing me in the game of intelligence. I can hear it laughing at me in my head, and it sounds like a mix between Lord Voldemort and Elmo. Carry on, everybody.


  1. I'm reading the Sky is Everywhere right now. I like it so far, but I'm still not sure what to make of it. I guess I'll see soon enough!

    You can overcome the terrible logic games! GO YOU! If it makes you feel better, I cracked open my GRE book this weekend, and then promptly went back to reading something else... XP

    Must remember to register for Writeoncon...