Saturday, September 4, 2010


(Sorry for being late.)

I am giving away a free copy of CINDERS by Michelle Davidson Argyle. Reasons why you should sign up:

1) It's free. And who doesn't love free things, I mean seriously. Nobody ever refuses free things.

2) You don't have to fill out a survey or anything stupid and/or time consuming to receive this free thing like most things on the Internet.

3) It's about Cinderella, and WHO DOESN'T LOVE CINDERELLA? If you don't like Cinderella, then I can't like you. (Just kidding. Maybe.)

4) It's autographed! Everybody likes having autographed books. If you're a true book enthusiast, your autographed book collection is your pride and joy. Don't have an autographed book, you say? Well, here is your chance to start your own collection. Now go forth and stalk some authors until they file restraining orders against you or sign your books in hopes that you will leave them alone. Preferably the latter.

5) You have like a 75% chance of winning because you're not entering a book giveaway on someone famous' blog. LESS COMPETITION.

7) Along with #6: Because I said so.

Now that I have convinced you, how do you sign up, you ask with the desperation of a drowning soul? It's easy! Just leave a comment on this post. No need to be a follower or anything. You can tweet or blog about it if you wish, but I'm not awarding any extra points because I'm too lazy to tally all of that stuff up. CONTINENTAL U.S. ONLY; I am a poor college student who cannot afford to be shipping things to Timbuktu. You have a week. Winner will be picked by random selection next Sunday. 

(I may finally be able to get back to blogging after that, but next week is going to be a nightmare for me. Hope to see your happy smiling faces again soon metaphorically speaking.)


  1. I wish I could have it, but I live in Argentina, so I guess that kind of leaves me out :S Do you think it'll ever be published here? I really like the idea for the book, and I love all things Celtic, so the setting you describe sounds great. Good luck to everybody who sign up! :)

  2. Entering my name! I've been hearing such great things about this book, yet my poor college self probably can't afford any more books at the moment.

    Awesome contest!

  3. Yay, contest! Hi, XiXi. I'm a new follower, having found your blog through Michelle's recommendation. It's nice to meet you, and I hope getting back to school is going well for you. I'll put your giveaway in my sidebar. Thanks for posting this (and sweet--signed by Michelle, too)!

  4. Sounds fun! /hopeful

  5. Hi! Could you put me down, too? Thanks!

  6. Isn't the cover gorgeous?? I love the cover art! And I hope your week goes smoothly. When in doubt, get some sugar and caffeine.