Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Month Older And None The Wiser

I would like to be able to tell you that the reason I fell off the face of the earth for a month was because I was insanely productive, went on a literary and psychological journey where I reached nirvana in my writing and have a brand spanking new manuscript to show for it. 

I would be lying, of course. On Saturday, I wrote 1,500 words of fiction, and I think that's the grand total of what I've written since the beginning of September. What happened in the mean time:

1) I got hardcore addicted to coffee again. 

2) I resumed my schedule of not getting enough sleep ever, and my body is starting to reward me by making it look like someone has punched me in both eyes when I wake up in the morning. The bags under my eyes can probably hold babies now. Yay for concealer!

3) My attention span has steadily deteriorated to the point where it is now comparable to that of a hyperactive hamster. My professors probably hate me because I behave as if I have intense Restless Leg Syndrome through all of my classes. And I check my cell phone every five minutes.

4) My professors also probably think I am two different people, because some mornings, I show up to class having showered, put on nice clothes and makeup, and some mornings I show up like I've been dragged through a dumpster and been addicted to crystal meth for several months.

5) I have to play adult and pay bills now (even though my parents are giving me money, it still feels weird to have bills on the table, waiting to be paid).

6) NEWSPAPER. (This is mostly what has happened in the past month.)

I decided I should probably get back to blogging because over a year and a half ago (whaaaa?) when I started this thing, it was supposed to keep me on top of my novels. And I am in desperate need of a hard and fast writing schedule right now. Also, because I am narcissistic, I feel bad that I have followers and I stopped saying things simply because "I don't have time" - what is that anyway? It's college. Who really even knows what "having time" means? I could blog instead of watching Jerry Springer, and my life would probably be better for it.

Most likely.

I mean, watching Jerry Springer does make me feel better about myself. 

So watch out. I am back. And I have substantive things to say. (Maybe.) What's new with you? Fill me in, because not gonna lie, I've not been reading anyone's blogs. New deals? New agents? New manuscripts? Is anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year?


  1. You're funny. I miss your blog posts. Blog more often, PLEASE. Also, we are dealing with the same issues--I've been accused of a crystal addiction (just kidding, just kidding) and I too feel like my eyes are . . . well, you get the point.

    Hope things rock for you and hope you write and blog again soon! <3

  2. No worries. College is crazy, and while I recall wasting a lot of time watching TV, most of those times it was because my brain was so gone watching TV was about all I could do. So yeah, I totally understand.

    Missed your funny posts though and am glad to hear you will pop in more often. :) But otherwise, keep rockin' the school thing!

    New things: I went to NYC and embarrassed my sister with my Hamilton crush, but we both made fools of ourselves at the Met, where we had a Percy Jackson adventure in the Greek/Roman wing. Um, I'm going slightly steampunk for Halloween. I am participating in NaNoWriMo. Oh, and I read The Lost Hero in 1.5 days. IT WAS GOOD & I already want the next book. XP

  3. Ah, college. I wish I had such a good excuse for all the not-writing I've been doing. It's good to see you back.

    Me, I changed my avatar photo finally, since I figured a newly agented author should probably have a good photo... yes, I said agented, and honestly, it is both the worst and best thing that ever happened to me. I can't concentrate on my wip knowing my baby is on sub, and being on sub is worse than querying.

    Okay, I'm sucking it up and acting as grateful as I actually am now, but hey, you asked. ;)

    See you around!

    PS, check out Krispy's pics of her NYC trip, they are to die for!

  4. So funny about there being two of you! Thanks for the laugh! I too am addicted to coffee and always plan on keeping that addiction. Why not, you know?

    Hope you do NaNo!