Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You Mean There Are Other Freaks Like Me?

As of now, I have been fairly successful in my New Years Resolutions. I've thus far written 2,000 words per week. I'm blogging twice a week. I'm keeping up with my goal of 35 books this year. This may all change soon as I recently read this New York Times article, which is basically telling me my future consists of being overqualified, underemployed, and knee-deep in shit debt they are pretty interchangeable at this point. Better get working on that six-figure advance, eh? Jkjk, my life is one giant unattainable dream, trololol. Thanks, economy.

It is clear that I have not done a life confession lately, so it is high time I embarrass myself again on the blogosphere. Really, I need somewhere to spew my innermost dark secrets and I have to maintain somewhat of a facade of normality in real life because otherwise I would have no friends. And I like friends. Since I have never met most of you in real life, it's okay. Nothing to lose! 

When I was younger, I used to fictionalize everything around me. I'd make people in my every day life characters in a fairy tale. In a royal court. Of course, that would mean I used to cast myself as the princess. I am aware this is unsalvageably weird. I would make up stories revolving around the court. I don't why. Life was just so much more interesting as a novel, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. And once I finished one story, I'd re-cast everyone and imagine something else. True story, pretending to be a princess got me out of my habit of slouching. It was the only way I could remind myself to stand straight, because princesses always had good posture. I used to have horrendous posture, and my mother would criticize me all the time.

Not this kind of princess. That would be too normal.

THIS kind of princess. Historical ones with lengthy titles. 
I was a history major, even at a young age, I was.
Did I mention I used to think I was white too? Confession for another day.

So recently, I finished The Beautiful Between by Alyssa B. Sheinmel, and the recurring theme throughout the book is how the main character, Connelly, frames her high school as a royal court. And I was like, NO FUCKING WAY, I did that too! I don't know, maybe other people will read this book and think, wow, that girl is a complete freak, but I connected with her freakish ways. Sometimes, when you're sitting in class, you need to give your brain something to do to pass the time. And I was always obsessed with royalty. 

Thanks for validating my life, Alyssa B. Sheinmel.
Sidenote: I have spent so much time trying to figure out why the f and e are italicized. Damn you, enigmatic cover designer.

This fairy-tale/princess concept definitely an interesting way of setting the book apart from other books set in high school. Although, it's no light-hearted read. It's one of those books about illness and death (don't want to spoil the specifics). Not super memorable for the ever-popular death genre; in fact, I'll probably forget all about it in a month, but it was a nice read, nonetheless. Something sober to curl up with on a snowy day.

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