Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hey, I Read

Since Borders is going bankrupt soon,* and I have a full year of Borders plus membership left, I have been splurging on books lately. I have found that reading is a good warm-up for writing. I like to establish a routine that gets me ready to write, because opening up the word document and starting right away is hard. So usually, I will read a chapter or two of a novel before I start writing. And voila! Forty-five minutes of wasted time on Facebook and various blogs have been eliminated. (Usually; this is no guarantee because I have zero self-control.) I HAVE to do this. I have no time to be screwing around. I'm snatching writing time in between classes and work and LSAT practice and homework and being social, so it's not like I have those nice four hour blocks of time I did freshman year.

These are the books I am currently working on/are in line to be read.

[THE AMBER SPYGLASS] If you have been paying attention, I've had this book on my nightstand for a while, but that is because this book is SO GOOD I am actually having pre-withdrawal symptoms. I'm avoiding finishing it for that reason. This is super pathetic, I'm aware. Anyway, I'm rationing chapters so that I can drag it out for as long as possible. I know this will only last until page 300 or so, and then I will be so consumed with curiosity that I'll probably end up barreling through it in an hour. This is what happens most of the time. I will try to keep my thoughts to myself and not bombard people with texts as I go through it. When I get excited about books, I stream-of-consciousness anyone in my contact list who has even vaguely heard of the book I'm reading. Trust me. Everyone hated me when THE LAST OLYMPIAN came out, because I stopped after every two chapters to text things like, "why is percy so awesome, omgomgomg" like a hormonal, pre-pubescent girl to my friends. 

The cover. It has spoilers. I disapprove of this edition, but it looks pretty.

[ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS] I don't like chick lit, most of the time. But I have on good authority that this book is awesome from many, many different sources, so I am really excited to give it a try. Seriously, everyone loves this book. This is the book that is supposed to keep my heart from breaking into a million pieces when I finish THE AMBER SPYGLASS. The author of ANNA, Stephanie Perkins (whose writing blog I stalked for about two hours last week, nbd nbd), has blue hair. Like, good blue hair. I'm-cool blue hair, not I'm-trying-hard-to-be-hipster blue hair. She loves, "swashbuckling adventures, mocha lattes, fairy tales, loud music, neighborhood walks, jasmine tea, and afternoon naps. And kissing." Wow, no way, I love all of those things too! We can be friends, Stephanie Perkins. After I finish reading your book, so that my blog-creeping is no longer considered stalking, but fangirling. That's more socially acceptable.

I can't see the face of the guy (Etienne St. Clair), but I bet he's hot. 
What a sexy shoulder/exposed wrist.

[TWENTY BOY SUMMER] I am on a chick lit roll! I never planned on buying or reading this book, but -- no exaggeration -- I've come across this book at least five times in the last three months. It shows up in my Amazon recommendations (why?!), and I see it in different places every time I go to Borders. I am forced to conclude that either God wants me to read this book or Sarah Ockler has an incredibly stealthy/pushy ninja marketing team. Fate has foisted this book into my lap, and thus, I shall read it. Plus check out that cover!

It looks like a heart made out of melted blue jolly ranchers! 
How do I know what those look like? 

THAT'S HOW. My friends and I made these for New Years. 
Melted blue jolly ranchers, ftw.

Let's be honest. If a boy made a heart out of melted blue jolly ranchers for me, I would be his for life. Don't judge my low standards. Also, I like books about boys and death, which is what this book is about, apparently. No, it is not about killing twenty boys in one summer, although that would be kind of a cool premise too.

Books you are reading? More suggestions welcome!

*If Borders goes bankrupt, I will be homeless. Fact. Taking donations now. 


  1. Finally reading Personal Demons, which is pretty good. I am actually rereading The Subtle Knife right now, so I'll be onto the Amber Spyglass soon.

    Major props to you for getting any pleasure reading and writing done in college. I didn't do any of that for fun. (I did a lot of drinking and smoking and flirting instead, lol) When I graduated, I swore I'd do more reading, but then I started writing again, which seriously cuts into my reading time! ;)

    Hope this semester's not to hard on you!

  2. Like Tere said, props for doing FUN reading in college! I totally didn't. Instead, I vegged out and watched like a million TV shows (DVR is like the BEST THING EVER).

    I need to read His Dark Materials. Do tell about Anna and the French Kiss! It doesn't look like something I'd be that into, but I keep hearing everyone gush about it!

    I'm currently reading this book called The Named, but I'm having mixed feelings. I might give up and try something else. XP Though technically, since I'm out of town, I'm book-less. I'm finishing reading Alz's thesis on my Kindle.

  3. Hahah, I'm trying to keep the irresponsible things to a minimum, but I'm at a Big Ten school, so I'm not very successful at that.

    My friend recced His Dark Materials to me, which is convenient because then I have someone to gush to when I'm done with it. Krispy, you should read it! It's a fantasy classic; you have to.

    I will definitely do a review of ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, but that might be two or so weeks into the future, because while I am "doing pleasure reading" I'm going really slow.

  4. The cup cakes? AH-MA-Zing!!! Well, I'm an extremely big fan of your stories, and fanfictions, and I wonder when you'll finally update the story Three? I love that story a lot, and practically live for it. Yes, I'm that addicted to it. I sent you a review via comments for fanfic, but in case you haven't seen it, here it is:
    You are officially the best author ever... I've read the story for two times, and I still find it extremely addicting, little things in life, some happy, some sad, and all the things in between. Yeah sure, I got three tests the day after, but still, nothing can stop me from reading this. It energized me and kept me going for days. I checked out your blog and everything, (not trying to be a stalker) because you are such an amazing author. I introduced this to tons of friends and I've been talking about this for days, weeks even. I found it necessary to leave you a comment, as I've been always wanted to but never had the time as I use iPhone to read it. Overall, your writing skills are amazing and my favorite kind as well.
    Sure, I'm only an eighth grader, but I really want to write stories of my own and get published one day too. I'm a Chinese, though I stayed in the United States for two years and my English is not that bad, except for the million errors in my grammar. I wish you can give me some tips for writing, the schedule for writing and all. Please, if you have the time, I would love if you reply to this. I never add anyone to author alerts, and you will be my very first one.
    PS: Will be nice if you drop us a epilogue any day....

  5. Nobody426 - Thank you so much for the review. I am deeply flattered that you enjoyed Three so much! If you stick around my blog, I'll do a post on advice for beginning and young writers. I don't know when I'll get around to finishing the epilogue, unfortunately, but I hope I will be able to one day. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Thanks for the reply!!! I really didn't expect one because, well, I know you're busy and just that there is no awesome authors that really replies me--just an average eighth grader. I'm very grateful for that. Of course, I will always check your blog and stick with every thing you write!!! They are truly awesome.