Thursday, February 17, 2011

Self-Centered Word Vomit

Otherwise known as, filler post where I talk about random things. Like Randomosity by Krispy, except I feel cheap just mooching that title from her. Things I need to tell you but cannot write an entire post on:

1) I finished THE AMBER SPYGLASS! It was spectacular. Really, some of the passages near the end made me weep enviously of their sheer beauty. And other times, I was weeping because it was sad and it broke my heart into itty, bitty pieces. I was sitting in my apartment in between classes just crying my eyes out. Dumb, because I had just put on makeup. I tend to put on makeup for the most inappropriate things like going to see Toy Story 3. Bad idea. Just. Really bad idea. So here is my warning to you. Don't read this book with makeup on. Also, I am in desperate need of talking about this book, but my friend who recommended the books "has exams to study for." Trololol college. what is college. I think my response was something remarkably caring and considerate like, "WELL TAKE THEM FASTER." Because he can do that, obviously.

2) I am really excited to start ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS. Review upcoming. Promise. I'm trying not to overhype it for myself. You can tell that it's working well.

3) The fateful day has come. The Borders in my hometown is closing, the first casualty in the 30% cut corporate is making. I'm 99% sure that if the CEO of Borders saw my Facebook newsfeed and beheld the outpouring of grief from the citizens of Bloomington-Normal, he would reconsider his decision. The 1% of uncertainty I have is in the event the CEO is actually a raging asshole. So here's to you, Borders. I will always remember the times I spent inside your cozy walls. I love the random crap you sell during the holiday season, like chocolate covered bacon and bath products. I love the Seattle's Best Coffee you have. I loved that time you weren't poor and extended your holiday hours to 1 a.m. and you still had to kick me and my friends out at closing time. I love the sale racks in the front of the store and the giant shrine to Twilight in the YA section. I love how my friends and I made a parody video of "Christmas Shoes" on your front doorstep. I love how your lights are warmer and friendlier than Barnes and Noble's lights. I love your carpet. I love your patterned ceiling. I love the way your shelves are organized and how I know where my favorite books are. I love how you are basically home. I love you, Borders. I will drink to your memory. Not tequila, because you're way better than that. Something quality. And I will boycott any store that dares try to set up shop in your place once you close. Nothing deserves the hallowed ground on which you stand. You'll always be in my heart.

4) I'm going to ICPA (Illinois College Press Association) Conference this weekend in Chicago with the other editors of my paper. Hotel rooms covered and everything. Best group of people I can imagine going with. So thrilled, especially as I'm not a journo major; this is a definite treat for me. Here's to hoping we win stuff. Although even if we don't, I know I work for the best independent student newspaper in the state of Illinois, in the country, and in the world. Booyah. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! [Edit: Just realized it's probably confusing to say that, but since production for the daily paper I work at is Sun-Thurs, that's how my internal clock runs. I consider Fri-Sat to be my weekend.] And I hope your Borders is not closing like mine is RIP MY SOUL OUT WHY DON'T YOU.


  1. Wow, this boycott american women spammer is gettin' around.

    Anyway, um, please feel free to mooch. It's not like I own the term Randomosity and it seems you have noticed I like to talk about random things a lot. :P

    Alz has read the Amber Spyglass! If you're really desperate, you can always shoot us an email and she will reply to you and I will refrain from reading anything you both write since I haven't read it. (Really, I'm going to get on it.)

    I AM SO SAD ABOUT BORDERS. I hope the one at my mall isn't closing because I go there to buy random stuff all the time, and I like Borders way more than B&N, which isn't even anywhere that near me!

    Have fun at your conference! I totally wish I had more time in Chicago, but also it might've been better if there weren't so much snow around.

  2. know, I really prefer B&N to Borders, and I've only been in my local Borders around three times, but reading this post has made me NOSTALGE all over about it. (shhh, nostalge is totally a word.)

    I'm really excited to read your review of Anna and the French Kiss! Sounds like a cool book. :)

  3. Have fun in Chicago! Hope the weather behaves!

    LOL, I'm reading XIV right now, and trying not to hype it up too much. Seems to be pretty good so far. Love to hear what you think of Anna, too!

  4. Can't wait to hear what you think of ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS! And it's so sad about Borders (though I've never actually been in one). Have fun at the conference! Happy weekending! :)