Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LiLa Hits The Town

Today is March 1. You know what's up.

Lisa and Laura Roecker's new book, THE LIAR SOCIETY, hits bookshelves today. Champagne and twizzlers all around! Get yourself a copy now.

Seriously. I'll wait.

Check out this review from Kirkus:
Secret societies dominate a posh co-educational private school in this suspenseful, possibly supernatural mystery. One or both of those societies may be responsible for the death of a girl, or so 15-year-old Kate believes. Kate's best friend, Grace, was killed in a fire under mysterious circumstances a year earlier. When she gets an e-mail from her dead friend, Kate believes Grace is asking for justice and begins to investigate what really happened. The Roeckers populate the school with the standard drop-dead handsome rich guys and a few supermodel-style girls, but Kate finds herself more attracted to dangerous, scruffy Liam. Then there's her annoying next-door neighbor, nerdy Seth, who has an obvious crush on her. Despite the difficulties they cause, the two help her so much that at last she enlists them in her quest. Tension mounts when the trio finds secret areas in the school and starts to track down who was really responsible on the night of the fire. A final confrontation solves the mystery, but can Kate really bring the culprit to justice? And is Grace's ghost really haunting her? The authors create lively and memorable characters and keep the action moving in their lengthy whodunit; Kate's interest in Latin adds an educational element. Clearly, the Roeckers had fun writing their story. Young mystery lovers may enjoy it just as much.
Kirkus likes it, and Kirkus almost never likes anything.

I should read this book instead of studying for my Latin test today, because Kate might be able to teach me better Latin than I am capable of teaching myself right now. If I'm going to fail, at least I should fail in style. As in, with pink hair.

Also, before I go all sentimental, Lisa and Laura were among the first people I started following when I started blogging TWO YEARS AGO and they're still here, writing funny things, giving back, and generally being awesome. I'm so happy and thrilled for their success. If you want to join the party, check out their blog, where I hear they are giving away some free copies? Who says no to free things, really. You should probably go. Like right now.

Happy debut day!

Pink hair means business, yo.

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  1. The novelty of the book sounds a lot like that of Scrambled Eggs At Midnight (by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler)! So glad you gave this one a great review, I've just reserved it and it looks awesome.