Sunday, April 10, 2011

Summer Days

I'm sorry for being a bit MIA recently. As you must know by now because I'm always whining about it, the LSAT is coming up on June 6. My spring break literally consisted of taking a practice test every day. And I'm not going to lie, it sucks serious balls right now. It's just frustrating because I'm stalled in the same range and I really, really want to be Elle Woods. I'm not super far off, but just far off enough to where I just might miss my dream school AGAIN. This time, however, it is not about finding "the school that fits me," it is about getting a job after I graduate so I can be a functioning member of society who pays the bills and doesn't live in her parents' basement (because the school I go to now fits me just fine). Also, it would be somewhat cool to hold a party where I get drunk and in my more sloppy, blunt moments tell all of those other snooty Chinese parents who looked down on me for all of my undergrad years to kiss my ass, because I am more successful than all of their children. But that would be mean and shallow to list even as a minor reason. So yeah. I'm kind of panicking. A little.

This is why I might be peace-ing out for a while, maybe with sporadic posts if anything particularly inspirational strikes me. In the meantime, I'm looking ahead to Life After June 6, which consists of staying on campus for the summer, spending whole days at the library, swimming, stargazing, exploring downtown, roadtrips, watching movies, not rationing the amount of time I spend with friends, sitting on my under-used balcony at night, finishing my novel, shopping, turning 21, and all manner of things that do not include responsibility or studying for things. Summer is the best season. Not just because my birthday is then, but because you can wear minimal clothes (in a non-skanky way), sleep in every day (even though I do that anyway basically; afternoon classes rock), and because green things and sun make me happy.

Here, have a collage.

Why yes, that corn is in fact Illinoisan.

Also, this song, which always makes me think of lazy summer afternoons. And it reminds me of Percy Jackson too, which is the ultimate summer read, it's so great.

That's it before my blog starts becoming a tumblr. Summer reads? Is anyone even thinking that far ahead? It's thunderstorming outside and Midwestern summer storms at night are the best.


  1. It's ok to be stalled because it sounds like you're studying like a mad woman, which means the stall is really that frustrating plateau point before you have an amazing breakthrough! Seriously. I took the SAT more than I would've liked, and it was the last time that had me breaking into the upper range (I was stalled right at the brink). So keep going, don't freak out too much, and GOOD LUCK!

    On another note, being a functional member of society isn't all it's cracked up to be. For one, there's paying taxes, and for another, there's the loss of summer vacation. The sun may be shining and the beach may be beckoning, but you'll be stuck in an office. :P I think I miss summer breaks the most... SO I encourage you to enjoy your summer to the FULLEST. Turning 21 is pretty awesome though (that's my sister this year too!). :)

  2. Eeek, I feel your pain. But I know you'll show the LSAT who's boss. Hang in there!

    Oh, and If it helps, JD says to tell you he sends his love!

  3. Krispy - Thanks! My dad told me he was going to teach me to do my own taxes next year ... But Daddyyy, why can't you just do my taxes forever??

    Sarah - Tell JD it is much appreciated. And reciprocated. :)

  4. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm feeling your pain as I attempt tests in my Masters program. They are certification exams, and yeah - they're brutal. Knowing you though, you'll do so awesome and everything you're hoping for will come to fruition. Oh, and great song. I was not aware of them before, but thanks to you, I am now. You have such great taste in music :)

  5. I'm only thirteen, so I have no idea how hard are you studying for it... My dad made me do one SAT exercise every week though, which takes me two hours. Seriously, I'm not gonna take SAT until I'm Junior or something!
    I really like you music, and midnight storms. No one understands that. Yeah, down here in Indiana, we got tons of corn too. In fact, the last place you wanna be in Spring Break is in the middle of nowhere, oh wait, I'm already here.
    Happy 21! Ten more days and I'm 14! A long way to 21!

  6. Eric - Haha, I'm glad you liked the song. Exams suck!

    Nobody426 - Happy early birthday! Yay for the Midwest! :)