Monday, May 9, 2011

Funny Asians On The Interwebs

I am fashionably late to the Asian party in May. Sidenote: Today is my mother's birthday, so the best of wishes to her, a truly wonderful woman, who I love, even though we disagree on virtually everything and get in really loud fights. 世上只有妈妈好. I am a very lucky girl. Happy birthday, Mama.

I thought I would start off with something a little light-hearted and fun before we get into the DEEP ANGST of my ASIAN PSYCHE. Okay, really, I thought I would intersperse my srs bsns posts with happy things. And book recs! Because everybody likes book recs, right? I will have around two book recs a week and one srs bsns post about AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) issues. Good? So that means lots of posts this fine month of May. If you miss any and want to go back, I'm going to tag all of these posts with AAPI Heritage Month for your convenience. Enjoy!

1) — If you have never been to this website, please click on this link right now. I guarantee you won't leave for at least half an hour. It's a collection of the funniest signs, ads, products, etc. from Asian countries that have English on them. Nobody uses English as a second language better than Asians! Somebody bought my family a book of Engrish as a Christmas present last year, and lemme tell you, my dad thought it was The Greatest Thing Ever.

2) Asians Sleeping In The Library — This may actually only be funny to college students, and it is funnier because now every time I'm in any public place and I see an Asian sleeping, I have this crazy ridiculous urge to snap a picture and submit it to this website. Idk, Asians are funny when they sleep, I guess. So, secret between you and me and anyone who knows my name and Google I fell asleep in the middle of my poli sci final and I totally drooled over the test. Don't worry. I finished, and the wet spot dried before I turned it in. I know, I'm gross. That's why you should only know me over the Internet, because I seem much more charming that way. Although I'm sure I'm ruining the facade of my sparkling personality with every post.

3) KevJumba — My favorite male Asian ever. I mean, seriously, this kid one ups my brother. He's an Asian comedian on Youtube, proving that we Asians are indeed very funny. I will probably be using his videos in several of my posts throughout the month. Because he's awesome. Everyone needs some KevJumba in their lives. One of my favorites, partly because this was back when he still danced and lip-synched at the beginning of his videos:

4) HappySlip — She's Filipino, and she's super talented! Many of her videos are riffs on cultural humor, and she plays members of her family, all by herself! Yup, she dresses up as members of her family, and she does fantastic accents. Check it out:

Tune in for a book rec on Thursday.

PS!! Krispy and Alz are also participating in posts for AAPI Heritage Month, so please celebrate over at A Nudge In The Right Direction too!


  1. Hey! Happy AAPI Heritage Month!

    Yes, I have wasted many, many hours at, much as I hate to admit it. Thanks for the links, I will definitely check them out this afternoon!

  2. Yaaaay!!! Thanks for the plug and the links! I am so excited to troll through these when I get home from work, and I will be long indebted to you for introducing me to KevJumba last year. I spent like an entire night with my sister and friend watching vids of him and his dad, who is HILARIOUS btw. Love his dad. Haha.

    I'm so glad you're doing SRS BSNS posts (as it takes me forever to write them and so I don't like doing them) because they are important and I'm also curious to read what you have to say.

    I'll be joining you with some book rec-ing tomorrow though (even though I hate writing reviews too, haha). Looking forward to yours!

  3. LOL, all of this is so much fun. The last video is hilarious. Oh, and for the record, I think you'd be awesome to meet in person. But don't worry, I won't threaten you with something like that. I'm old guy stalker age now, so that'd be just wrong LOL.

    Have fun XiXi.

  4. Tere - Enjoy!

    Krispy - I love book recs, woooo!

    Eric - Hahaha, I'd love to meet up with some bloggy writers in real life, but I'm pretty sure nobody lives remotely close to me.