Friday, May 13, 2011

Thanks, Tere!

I interrupt AAPI Heritage Month for this important public service announcement.

Awhile back, I won a Mardi Gras gift package from Tere Kirkland and through a bunch of crazy mishaps, mainly the fact that my college apartment address is dysfunctional and wants me to never receive packages/feel loved, the package was returned. Luckily for me, she is amazingly persistent and sent it to my home address, so now that I'm home temporarily for the summer, I finally get to see what I got!

I'm so excited! This is the greatest beginning of summer surprise ever. In this lovely box of goodies was cards, hot sauce, coffee, Mardi Gras trinkets, this awesome light-up key chain (I love light up things and I love key chains), and a signed copy of XVI! Which is incredible, because I absolutely adore dystopian novels, and this is only my second signed copy of anything (the first being BATTLE OF THE LABYRINTH duh prized possession, and unless you count this signed copy of an illustrated biblical book I got when I was 10 totally doesn't count). What a fantastic way to kick off my summer reading.

PS Umm, thanks for freaking out yesterday, Blogger, and pseudo-deleting my posts and comments on everyone's blogs. Some advance notice would be cool, thanks, bro.

Coffee. My one true love. Plus everything else I could hold at one time.


Thank you so much! I am a bottomless pit of joy.


  1. I've been celebrating Asian culture too, by going to some local events in my community~

    Anyways, this is Lin, who used to be in the same blog chain as you like a year and half ago. Remember me? :) Anyways, I thought I would just drop by and let you know that I'm back to blogging with a new site:

    I'm aiming to offer a younger perspective on writing/publishing and provide resources for teen writers around the world. I would appreciate it if you can help me spread the word. Thanks!

  2. Congrats!!! I love getting packages! :)

  3. Woot! I am sooo glad it arrived safely. I thought everything'd be covered in hot sauce and coffee grounds, lol!

    Glad I could kick off your summer right! You must be paying us back by sending cooler weather down this way, it's not even 80 degrees today. Brrr! ;)