Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lookie Here

Things that happened while I was gone:

1) I got my LSAT scores back. They were great, by pretty much every objective standpoint. I sort of overreacted because I felt like I bombed it walking out, as I'm sure many people would tell you. I ended that day crying in the Olive Garden bathroom, which is the lowest of all low things, maybe with the exception of crying in a bathroom at McDonald's. I basically became a self-pitying hermit and had to be talked out of alcoholism and writing terrible poetry. So I moped for a couple of days. I'm going to a good law school and I'm going to be a real person who has employment prospects and stuff! I am retaking the test in October, but that's mainly because I'm the perfectionist freak everyone hates in life, and I have this unhealthy desire to emulate Elle Woods plus, more scholarships would be nice, yeah. But now the pressure's off, and studying has no longer become this Life-Or-Death situation. I am very, very happy about this. And looking forward to getting acceptances so I can momentarily stop worrying about my future.

2) Harry Potter 7 (Part 2) came out. Which was, all in all, a fairly good send-off. I am no giant fan of the movies, but I think the quality improved as the movies went on. The epilogue is still, as always, the most awkward part of anything, and I still hate Ginny as a character. Nevertheless, the midnight showing was fun, especially since we moved up night production in order to make it. I feel like I said goodbye when the last book came out, but even then, it was sort of sad. I am making this sound so meh, when really, I was the girl who was weeping for the second half of the movie. My friend Kevin who was sitting next to me actually turned to me halfway through and was like, "ARE YOU CRYING?"

3) My family got an orange tabby kitten! I named him Frodo, who is my favorite in LOTR. I think this is pretty much a sign that I'm going to die alone and unloved. I officially "own" a cat, and I named him after a fantasy character. Also, fun story. My roommate and I created an incredibly effective drinking game to ROTK that you should try. Drink every time:
  • Gandalf does magic
  • Merry or Pippin does something stupid
  • Aragorn flirts with Eowyn or vice versa
  • Frodo falls over
  • Fake ending/fade out happens
  • Legolas says something mysterious/looks into the distance devolved into every time Legolas is onscreen
  • Someone smokes a pipe
  • Elves versus dwarves rivalry is revealed
  • Aragorn's future/lineage is mentioned
  • Denethor compares Faramir unfavorably to Boromir
Have fun. Oh, and I missed the blogosphere. Will have more posts up soon!


  1. Congratulations big time, Xixi! The news of your test is awesome. Without trying to sound condescending, I'm so proud of you. I hope your good fortune continues for many years. Oh, and though I did like the drinking list (okay, cracked up big time), just be careful with the alcohol. That's my parenting old guy voice talking LOL. Enjoy celebrating for a bit though. You've earned it!

  2. Yay! Congrats on your awesomesauce LSAT scores! So glad you don't have to worry so much about them anymore!

    Also, YAY HARRY POTTER! (Also, ditto epilogue and ditto Ginny, but otherwise YAY HARRY POTTER!!!)

    My sister and I were watching some LOTR on TV this weekend too and laughing at all the jokes we used to have about it. Still good after all this time. Haha.

    And yay kitty! Pictures? :)

  3. Eric - Thanks! Don't worry, I'm pretty responsible. :)

    Krispy - Hahaha, LOTR is always on TV, and somehow this never prevents me from watching it every time (because I love it). I don't have pictures of Frodo the kitty because he's at home and I'm at school, unfortunately.

  4. This makes me happy. Congratulations :]