Monday, October 10, 2011

What Now?

It seems like time flies by. So mainly, I wanted to talk about how I wanted to do NaNoWriMo again this year (I did it in 2009), but I don't know if this is such a hot idea, considering how bad my procrastination has become. Since I am finally a senior in college, I'm trying hard to do everything so I don't berate myself for missing out later. Therefore, I am still doing the whole being an editor of a daily newspaper thing, fashion show, a senior thesis, regular schoolwork, and putting 50,000 words on top of that could be the death of me or my grades.

In fact, my grades are going pretty badly by my standards this semester, so luckily I have picked the year where my transcript is already finalized for law school to slack off. My senior thesis seems to suck up a lot of research time without having that much to show for it, and this is sort of irritating. Going to Stanford for research this summer was fun, though, and I am thinking very seriously about pursuing a career on the west coast.

ALSO, ALSO I finished Son of Neptune. It was glorious. No spoilers, but I can say that this one hugely benefited from Percy's return as a narrator. He just shines whenever he gets page time, and you know, I don't want to sound like an angry fan girl, but the other characters don't have the kind of charisma he does to hold up a story. Just to compare, it took me six months to get through The Lost Hero. It took me less than ten hours to get through Son of Neptune. Review reactions later? Everyone knows I am actually incapable of giving a review; it is really just me saying whatever comes to mind about a book I've read. Fan fiction galore after the book, also. That is nice, though; it's a good feeling getting back to writing.

But I suppose it's early yet to figure out whether it would be a good idea to do NaNo, but I figured I should think about it and toss around some ideas. Good lord, someone give me some organization in my life, please. Someone tell me they are also doing NaNo. I certainly need a buddy if this is going to happen.


  1. LOL, thanks for your review. I thought Lost Hero had an okay story, but you're right, none of the narrators were Percy, so I'm glad you liked it. I'll have to download it to my nook this week!

    Good luck if you decide to NaNo!

  2. YES to pursuing a career on the West Coast. We've got mild weather and In-n-Out! :D (And clearly, by West Coast, I mostly mean California.) Not sure if I'm doing NaNo as I did Camp NaNo in August, and that project makes me feel guilty every time I turn on the computer because I haven't worked on it since like early September.

    I liked the expansion of the mythological world in Lost Hero and how Riordan handled that turn in events, and I generally like where the story seems to be heading. But yeah, I am BEYOND EXCITED to have Percy back. My sister has first dibs on the book & is still reading (other life engagements are sucking up her reading time), so I have to wait. :P Bright side is that she's liking it a lot more than Lost Hero so far, in no small part thanks to Percy. :)

  3. So I finally got to read Son of Neptune, so I had to pop in and say: YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Agree with you and my sister that this book is waaaaaay better than Book 1, and Percy is such a BAMF. I have nothing but love for that kid. Also, I quite like where the story is headed.

    I've been gushing about Percy so much that I finally convinced my friend to start reading the first series. Anyway, hope you're well!