Monday, June 18, 2012

Things I'm Currently Digging This Monday

1) John Green. John Green. John Green. An Abundance of Katherines. Paper Towns. John Green. JOHN GREEN, OMIGOD, JOHN GREEN, WHY ARE YOU SO WISE WITH YOUR WISDOM. I'm totally in love. I mostly buy books on my Kindle now for cheapness/convenience, but I have since purchased every John Green book in paper form. It just seemed more respectful to buy the real stuff. His books will help populate the small, highly selective shelf of novels I intend on bringing with me to law school.

2) 30,000-word milestone on the WIP. Not that I have a history of abandoning WIPs since college started, but it's very reassuring to have hit 30k. Barring major, unforeseen disaster in my life (knock on wood, of course), the book will be finished. Doesn't mean every scene isn't a TERRIFYING EXPERIENCE OF TERROR because The Middle is scary as shit. Still.

3) You may not know this, but one of my enduring non-writing interests is fashion.* And, you know, not to toot my own horn or anything. I have few truly, objectively good skills, and one is being a pretty fantastic dresser. I may suck at an astonishing number of activities, but I can throw outfits together like nobody's business. Random people approach me on the streets to compliment my clothes regularly, so I feel somewhat justified in having gross narcissism in this one area of my life. One of my friends suggested that I start a fashion blog, which I feel pretty unqualified in doing as I enjoy dressing myself but not really other people. Nevertheless, I saw THIS the other day. IT'S TWO GREAT THINGS — ONE DIRECTION AND FASHION — COMBINED! They're suggestions on how to dress like One Direction, but girlified. HOW ADORABLE I WILL DO THIS.

4) Jayesslee! They sing gorgeous covers, and they're Australian! I've liked them for a while, but I've particularly been jamming to this one lately:

Enjoy something random and fun this week!

*Also, why I am excited to FINALLY move to a city in the fall, where fashion thrives. I mean, really. I am a person who does not ever wear, or even own, sweatpants because they're hideous things. Fashion is pretty irrelevant to Central Illinois. I'm just saying.


  1. LOL, I think the 1D + fashion thing is brilliant! So are you going to start a fashion blog or at least do a fashion post for us? So much teasing about your skillz0rs and yet zip with the pics?

    As for sweatpants, I had similar sort of aversion for them but then I bought some, and omg, XiXi, my life is forever changed. They are SO FREAKING COMFORTABLE. I hesitate to wear them out of the house (though I have a few times...late at night, usually on boba runs), but I think they're ok for casual times at home.

    1. Perhaps one day I shall do a fashiony post when I overcome my aversion to photography, haha. I totally admire people who do fashion blogs and are okay with taking artsy pictures of just themselves every day.

      I have this weird quirk to where I can't be productive unless I'm dressed up. I just don't feel like the day has started until I've put on actual clothes, and the day may never begin if I wear sweatpants.

  2. Ooh, it'd be awesome if you do start a fashion blog! (Or just a few pics of your favorite outfits, like Krispy suggested.) I don't think you'd have to dress other people. Just take photos of yourself, right? I envy people who are good at outfits. I'm terrible at shopping. I do enjoy dressing up, but it takes me a long time and most days I'm too lazy, haha.

    1. Well then, I'll try my best to do a fashion post sometime in the near future!