Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Confession Time

You know how Marie Claire magazine does that section "Hey, it's OK to ..." and then list random, embarrassing or bad things people do? Yeah, well, here's my list, except it's probably not OK.

1) Instead of packing (ha!), I spent an afternoon watching episodes of John Green playing FIFA. Can somebody tell me to stop? I have this dreadful fear that I'm going to be unpacking in my dorm room with Swindon Town in the background, and some Legitimate Law Student is going to hear me under my door, and be like, QUICK, EVERYBODY SHUN HER. And then I'll cry. And watch more John Green playing FIFA.

2) When I get rejected, I immediately go stalk the shit out of that agent's Twitter feed in fear that he/she will have tweeted something like, just read an absolutely atrocious query, omg, I lol-ed for twenty minutes in my office, the writer should go die. This is a product of my embarrassment when I get rejected, because I feel overwhelmingly bad that I made whichever agent read my drivel. I should not feel this way, I know, but it's sort of a gut reaction.

3) Mm, I wrote some Paul and Percy fan fiction a few days ago. It made me feel good about myself after writing original fiction that made me feel bad about myself. I am not ashamed.

4) Even though I never get homesick, I have a gripping fear that I will end up being paralyzed with homesickness when I move (which is at the end of this week, AHH). I am more afraid that the homesickness will prevent me from going out and enjoying being on my own, in a different part of the country, surrounded by really intelligent, interesting people, etc. Meh. I guess I won't know until it's upon me.

5) I wonder if my taste in books is messed up? I've spent a very long time (think: months) reading a book that I am determined to finish, because it's been reviewed to the heavens, and everybody loves it. However, I have gotten through over half of the book, and I have never gotten to a moment where I felt this book was anything better than having pretty language and being publishable. I am concerned for myself. What am I missing???

6) I have those gummy vitamins (because who wants to take any other kind?) and I sometimes eat more than the recommended amount (mainly when I'm hungry). Because they're delicious. Can you overdose on vitamins? I sure hope not.

7) I totally shipped incest in SERAPHINA. Not even on purpose.


  1. Hey, these things? ALL OKAY. I think these are all natural sorts of things that happen to people. Well, I'm not sure about the FIFA stuff since I've...never done that, but I've done plenty of other super embarrassing things - including this weekend in Las Vegas. So basically, my friends and I have come to the conclusion that we have no right to judge ANYONE, considering the ridiculousness we get up to, haha.

    As for homesickness, I think you'll be okay, especially since you don't really get homesick. That's like me. I sort of went about going away for college like going to summer camp or something. Sure I missed my friends and family and other familiar comforts, but there's a lot of other cool stuff to distract you. It'll hit you hard sometimes, but I don't think it'll paralyze you!

    And BOOKS are HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE. Remember much beloved classics get 1 star ratings too, so it's probably just the book doesn't resonate with you the way it does for other people. That's okay. Like I ADORE The Scorpio Races to the high heavens, but I know that's because it has all the things I look for and LOVE about that certain type of story. I totally think it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. So this book you're reading? That's probably what it is - not your cuppa.

    Gummy vitamins = dangerous because they're so easy to devour / delicious. Also, I LOVED SERAPHINA! Who did you ship???

    1. Probably going to do a review on SERAPHINA soon (and I only read it because you and Alz recced!). But I'm sort of in love with Orma. And I really wish he wasn't Phina's uncle, because I wanted them to be a thing so bad. I liked Kiggs too. But ORMA, I CANNOT CONTAIN MY LOVE.

    2. Oh no, Orma was my FAVORITE!!! I love characters like that, and oh goodness I love him so, so much. They would've been a cute thing but since I, uh, only saw him as her uncle that ship never happened.

      Looking forward to your review! And glad that our rec didn't let you down? (The question mark is here because I have no idea if you liked the book in total or not, but at least I know you liked some characters!) :)

  2. I am about to email you a truly sad agent-twitter story to make you feel better.

    Also, I spent my spring break watching the Swoodilypoopers. So you are not alone.