Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thoughts, Desires, and Random Wishes

1. Look, you guys. It's Boston. I've been googling pictures of Boston and being excited about my life in two and a half weeks. The skyscrapers! I don't know, for some reason, I assumed Boston looked less like a city than other cities? But it looks plenty city-like in this picture. God, I'm so excited. I need to stop being a loser and living vicariously on the Internet.

2. The schedule for orientation is out. It seems like a four-day epic of nonstop free fun. I am wavering between being psyched for tours of campus, Boston, and endless food, and being worried that they are trying to give us one last shining moment of happiness before law school drowns the twinkle in our eyes, our hopes and dreams, the will to live, etc., etc.

3. I found this on the Internet today:

What is this. Seriously, what the hell is this? Thank God this was not the first vlogbrothers video I watched. I am so impressed that this is nine minutes long. So much dignity was lost in those nine minutes. For the subject, for the viewer, for humanity in general.

4. Maureen Johnson, Stephanie Perkins, others, are doing public signings in Chicago this weekend, and I can't go. I'm like two hours away from this amazing thing. I'm SO, SO close yet so far away. This is painful. Also, it hurts me knowing that John Green is two hours away, too. Even though I didn't pay for this obviously incredible conference, were I in Chicago, I might loiter around the hotel/Michigan Avenue in hopes that I might catch a glimpse of someone. Yeah, I'm so borderline stalkerish awesome. I wish my friends shared my tastes in reading. I don't know anybody who likes what I read. I actually don't know anybody who reads to the extent that I do. And it makes me sad. I'd like to have some nerdfighter friends IRL.

5. I crafted my first query letter. This is so terrifying, but I'm really excited to (eventually) start querying agents. I'm not expecting much, but I feel like this is an experience I'm ready to have at this point in my writing life. This is a big step for me. Prior to this novel, I never felt as if any of my stuff was worthy of being on submission. In the meantime, editing, editing, editing, editing the MS.

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