Monday, August 13, 2012

WriteOnCon, Yeah!

This is my first year participating. It's so awesome, because I can't afford to attend an IRL writer's conference at the moment (I'd love to have the opportunity one day!), but I can still get a lot of information about the industry, as well as hopefully meeting a lot of new people.

I'm roaming the query critique boards. It's so great to see all these fantastic queries and learn from them. I'm also amazed by how interesting many of the stories sound. Obviously these people are Idea People. I wish I were like them! (Sometimes, I fear I cannot plot my way out of a paper bag.)

If you are participating, come friend me! Also, would love some feedback on my own query. :)

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See you around!


  1. Yay for WriteonCon! I really ought to participate one of these years instead of just lurking, but I think it always manages to sneak up on me, haha.

    In any case, I read your query! I don't read much contemporary, but I did actually read quite a bit of Asian American Lit (I minored in it). So I do enjoy that, and I love the premise of your book! It does remind me, as someone else on the boards mentioned, of an Amy Tan type of story on the surface.

    1. Thank you! I read a lot of An Na, ha. So yeah, I would consider it YA contemporary with a multicultural element.

      I'm having a blast critiquing these queries and pages! You should definitely join in for the fun. :)