Thursday, December 27, 2012

Books I Can't Wait To Dig Into

Yeah, sorry my posts are so one-dimensional lately. But I'm just book-crazy since I haven't been able to read fiction in so long, and there are so many books out there waiting to be read! I've missed you guys and reading your blogs, and I want to share what's up. And what's up right now is basically catching up on all the reading I wish I could've done over the semester.

(I AM planning on starting a new novel soon. YA contemporary, probably. Two of my favorite parts of writing: beginning and ending. The promise of a new page is really delicious. I just need a premise to hang my hat on!)

Anyway, here are some of the lovely books on my (metaphorical) nightstand. Reviews forthcoming if I feel up to it:

1. Every Day by David Levithan

I'm almost done with this one. Obviously, David Levithan's a legend in the YA community, but the only thing of his I've read is Will Grayson, Will Grayson, and that was because of the co-author, John Green. I've never really been into his other books because the verse/lack of capitalization turns me off (sorry!). But I'm really digging this one. Started it today, and I'm totally hooked. What can I say? I'm easily won by a quirky premise, and this one has to do with a main character who wakes up in a different body every day. That premise has my tastes written all over it.
2. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Saw this on Goodreads and ordered it immediately on my Kindle, only to find out with dismay that it's a pre-order and I don't get it until Dec. 31. I mean, I guess that's in 4 days, but damn, if I'm not an instant gratification kind of person. It also has to do with euthanasia, which is a really unique topic, and one that has been on my mind since the Massachusetts ballot had a question on assisted suicide this year. Plus, this cover, along with Every Day, are both AWESOME, and I do judge books by their covers. Can't help it. Know it's the marketing team and don't care. I will actually read a book if I like its cover.
3. Son by Lois Lowry

EVERYBODY STOP RIGHT NOW. Saw this on Publishers Weekly's Best Children's Fiction of 2012, and I freaked out. Lois Lowry wrote a conclusion to The Giver and I didn't know about it IMMEDIATELY?? What have I been doing. Where have I been. So, so excited. Lois Lowry is one of those special treat childhood authors. I don't keep up with what they're doing, but when they release a book, it makes me giddy, because I know it'll be satisfying and familiar, comforting and good.

4. Ask the Passengers by A.S. King

Saw this on Publishers Weekly's Best Children's Fiction of 2012. Actually, saw it in the bookstore the other day, and didn't think it would be anything that interesting, but then I read the premise, and I was like, ohhh, that could be neat. Apparently, some girl tells all her problems to the passengers of planes flying over her backyard. Also deals with sexuality and other trademark YA topics. Intriguing. Ready to give it a try.

5. Love and Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo

Dude, I saw this cover/title and I kind of adored it. The jacket cover blurb sold it for me. It's clearly going to be whimsical and cute, and I'm all over it. Also, it's about a romance between a 15-year-old and a 21-year-old. I hope it's a friend story and not a love story, because this age difference for whatever reason weirds me out. This is coming from someone who has a favorite book with a couple where the girl is 17 and the boy is 31 (not really a boy, I guess). Something about the tone of this book along with the age difference throws me off. And that's mainly why I want to read it; I want to see what the author does with this obvious problem.

If you can't tell, I don't know what to do with free time anymore. Relaxing without purpose is a foreign concept to me and therefore, I must fill it with IMMEDIATE THINGS OF IMPORTANCE. So, either reading, writing, or applying to jobs. Applying to jobs today actually soothed my anxiety, which I didn't even realize I had, until it was soothed.

I know. I have issues.


  1. You're behind on your book reading, I'm behind on my blog reading, but yes. You need to get SON right away.

    I actually got my hands on it early--one, they sent an ARC to my store which some other bookseller nabbed, but then I went to the National Book Festival and Lowry was there, so they were selling the book a week early.

    I got to the end of it and turned to the endpaper, just sort of hoping there was more to it.

    EVERY DAY is wonderful, too. And I think I'll take these others as recommendations, as I haven't read them, either. Happy reading!

    1. Me Before You is incredible, and you should definitely check it out. I'm doing a review soon, I think. I didn't really like Love and Other Perishable Items, for what it's worth.

      I'm halfway through Son and liking it a lot! Thanks for dropping by.