Monday, September 23, 2013

The Impressionability of Young Adults, A Quick Thought

Saw this article, one of many, about how Bella, of Twilight, is in an abusive relationship with Edward. This line of reasoning has caused a number of people to say that Twilight is a bad influence on teenagers, girls especially, who romanticized the relationship portrayed in the book and may romanticize abusive relationships.

Regardless of whether you think Edward and Bella are unhealthy, just to apply a bit of logical thinking here, isn't this the same argument that those ignorant book-banners use in reverse, directed at books like Looking for Alaska (alas, sex and drugs!) and Harry Potter (magic is evil, guise!).

I genuinely think that if we trust teens to understand that Alaska's attitude about drugs and life in general are not to be emulated and that Harry Potter is NOT REAL, then we should trust teens to understand that Bella's relationship may not be ideal. I feel like people in support of open literature can't have it both ways. I also believe that Stephenie Meyer, whatever I feel about her literary prowess, should be allowed to write whatever she wants. You either believe in liberating fiction from censorship, or you don't.

Just my thought for today.

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