Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beginnings Are Awkward

Today, I officially put "Something Ever After" on hold to concentrate on The Project (aka the novel that is thus far unnamed).  This was excessively hard for me, since the characters from my "Fairytale" story have been with me since 2006!  Can you believe that?  We're practically family.  Stupid Megara and her selfishness in keeping me all to herself.  What can I say?  Main characters are demanding, pushy people.  Anyway, the past month I've been in denial, insisting that I can do two projects at a time.  Lie.  Lying to myself massively. I absolutely hate it when other authors leave fanfiction to work on originals.  And now, like a hypocrite, I'm doing it too.

I'm doing the right thing.  I'll never get my original done if I don't set aside time for it, and between my classes and homework, there's just not a lot of time.  I do feel terribly guilty though.  Sorry to my readers. Sorry, sorry, sorry for leading you on and then tossing you off the train.  More on my ode to fanfiction later.

On the bright side, I got over the horrible writer's block that ruined my day yesterday.  Chapter nine is fitting, because it is the ninth level of hell to write.  I'm sure Meg has multiple personality disorder every few paragraphs.  Ah, that's what the rewrite's for!

This is super awkward.  I don't like starting.

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