Friday, March 13, 2009

Eve of Teh Workday

Tomorrow, I will be participating in Samantha Elliott's Virtual Write-In, which pretty much means I attempt to work on my novel for 7 hours. Potential results:

1) I get a lot done.
2) I stop before I hurl on the mess that is the first draft, and fail to get a lot done.
3) I go insane.
4) Some combination of the above.

I write in 2-3 hour bursts.  7 hours is going to be, erm, quite an endeavor.  And I'm not even being official and doing the full 12 hours, because that would be a guaranteed Result #3.  Nevertheless, I am doing this because it sounds like fun (I have a scary, unhinged idea of fun, clearly), and I need moral support from other writers!  Also, I am between 18,000 and 24,000 words away from completing my first draft, and I hope to knock out a chunk of that tomorrow.  I want to get done with the FD before Spring Break so I can start revising.

Right now, I'm about to start Chapter 18.  I hate starting new chapters because I pretty much knocked out all of my ideas at the end of the last chapter.  Planning is not fun.

VWI is also a good way to keep my paranoid brain from going haywire.  I'm waiting for a teacher to email me her recommendation, so I can send off my summer internship application.  The dang thing is due Sunday.  Ahhh!  My teacher is a shameless procrastinator. It's driving me crazy with worry, even though I've emailed her reminders (as she requested) and called to confirm.  Please alleviate my stress, Ms. Nameless!

Goal for VWI: Finish two chapters.

That sounds like a shallow goal.  I know some authors can write 3,000+ words in an hour, easy.  I am markedly not one of those people.  I average about 1,000 an hour if I concentrate and avoid the internet.  One chapter for me is around 3,000 words.  Two chapters is doable if I work hard.  

I need help with figuring out what Meg's 3rd task is going to be.  It needs to be something grand, difficult, not fetching an object, and not in the underworld.  Hades is getting sick of this shenanigans.  I would be too.

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  1. Ha! You've just given me my procrastinatory tool for today: figure out Meg's 3rd task. I can tell I'm going to do well today.

    See you soon!