Friday, April 17, 2009

Fridays Are Wonderful

TGIF.  Yesterday, I went to see the Hannah Montana movie with my friend.  We are such losers.  The theater was empty except for us and this creepy guy in his 30s (what?).  We are the most obnoxious moviegoers on the face of the planet.  We were singing at the top of our lungs and dancing in the aisles; we offered commentary every five seconds.  Oh goodness.  So much madness.  And tonight we're going to see 17 Again.  After I go to Borders and preorder "The Last Olympian."  I have been dying to do this for ages, but when you go out in college, you need to plan out bus routes and all that junk, and it's just such a hassle.  I want a car.  Right now.

So I need to write!  I plotted out "Beauty and the Minotaur," which is turning out to be a lot darker than I originally anticipated, but I like the direction it's going.  Ariadne is definitely a different kind of character. She is good fun.  But not literally. Actually, she's rather depressing. But I enjoy character angst, what can I say?

I have officially decided, after having only written 2 stories for Percy Jackson fandom, that PJO reviewers are infinitely better than Inuyasha or Harry Potter ones (which I have written many, many more of).  I am so appreciative of long, thoughtful reviews with praise AND criticism.  Lots of praise.  But criticism too.  It means people are taking things seriously as they read, and for a fandom with a majority of younger readers, I am certainly impressed.

The weather is be-you-ti-ful.  In Illinois.  I plan on enjoying it before the next cold front ruins spring again.  To live in Illinois is to tolerate our fanatical weather patterns.

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