Thursday, April 30, 2009

On Impatient Anxiety and Characters

Today, I submitted to two literary magazines with two very different short stories.  This is really nerve-wracking, because this is only the second time I've done this (the first was nearly two years ago--rejected).  I put a lot of work into these stories, but I am aware both magazines receive boat loads of manuscripts (one of them claims more than 30,000 a year, so stiff competition there). But, I enjoyed writing these stories so I hope to just send 'em in and forget about 'em.  

Ha, unlikely.  I have a terrible time waiting for results, not only in the writing field, but for everything.  However, I prepare for rejection, and look for other outlets to resubmit.  There are many magazines out there.  One day...

KLo had a really cool topic today.  If you are a writer, which of your characters would you want to spend time with in real life?

I choose Elladora from "Steam."  True, I haven't actually introduced her to the story yet, but she jumped into my head with the most vibrancy of any character I've written.  I just adore her and can't wait to write her.  She is spontaneous, bright, and a bit childlike.  Slightly spoiled, but not to the extent of some of my female characters. She's a bundle of life.  Petite, shoulder length brown hair, and dark blue eyes.  If she were real, we'd be bffls.

What do you look for in a character you'd want to hang out with in reality?  I'm looking for someone I'd have a good time with.  Someone I could take anywhere, and it'd end up being an adventure.  Severely soggy characters, ones that are too deep, are nice on paper and add complexity to plots, but I don't imagine them to be all sunshiny and radiant as friends.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The character I would love to hang out with is probably Jason Lee from my 2nd completed manuscript 'Calling You'. He's Korean with dreadlocks to his butt and a piercing in his lip. Essentially a surfer and all around wise ass. We'd drink coke through cherry licorice and play Rock Band all night.