Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hooray For May

How "Beauty and the Minotaur" went spiraling out of the original plan:

1) It was meant to be a Greek Beauty and the Beast spinoff, but then I realized Ariadne is actually related to the Minotaur.  Incest isn't a big deal in Greek mythology, but I already had enough themes to deal with.  It ended up being a brother and sister story.  And I'm glad.  It's better that way.

2) I wanted Ariadne to end up with Dionysus, so there were subtle hints of his presence throughout the story.  But Ariadne and the Minotaur grew a lot more attached than I intended, and it was obvious she wouldn't be happy with the final arrangement.

3) Ariadne was supposed to be a loving, giving person (when I planned her out).  Instead, she had a pretty whacked out childhood, and she grew to be petty and demanding.  I thought she would be far too unlikeable.  But after reading it, I sympathized with her, because her love for the Minotaur made her palatable as a human being.

4) Theseus was written to be a villain.  He was a shallow, glory-seeking hero, who saw only what he wanted and did not see that Ariadne didn't like him.  But as I wrote and wrote, he didn't become that kind of person.  He was a bit short-sighted, but he had a good heart.  I would argue, he had a better heart than Ariadne.

5) A major theme of the story is searching for freedom.  Both Ariadne and the Minotaur are trapped, albeit in different ways.  It ties in nicely with the whole Labyrinth deal.  Not planned. Not planned at all.

Do you plan out your stories, or do you let them flow au natural?  Or do you have a plan, and then fail to follow it?

I find it depends on what I'm writing.  Each story is different.

Sidenote: I think I like this new layout.  Yes, indeedy.

So Elana at Mindless Musings has issued this wonderful challenge: write a short story (the ones I've read have been less than 1k) around the subject of flowers.  I already have an idea for mine, going with the whole theme of my blog, it will be Greek mythology centered.  I do write other things, I swear, it's just the first thought that came to me, and it fit perfectly.  I'll be posting in a few days (or sooner), when I get around to writing it.  Finals week looms.  Gag me, please.

You should participate too!  Then link back to her (link me up too in the comments, I wanna read yours if you do it!).  This should be fun.  


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  2. Sorry - a repost of above...

    I am fascinated by your take on Ariadne and her relationship with the Minotaur. In my own WIP tentatively titled "Theseus the King," I also explore the heart and mind of this complex woman.

    Of course, in my book Theseus is the “hero;” but I too see him as flawed in his rush to prove his worth.