Monday, May 4, 2009

The Long Wait

The Last Olympian comes out tomorrow.  Well, officially it's been out for 34 min, since it's 12:34 am right now.  I will be picking it up at Borders tomorrow, thanks to my lovely friend who has a car.  

I've waited four months.  This is really nothing compared to the Harry Potter or Twilight wait. Don't you guys hate the time elapsed between books in a series?  It drives me insane.  I have an obsessive personality (that sounds pretty creepy; let me amend: I have an obsessive personality about books), so it's very, very difficult for me.  I wait and wait and wait.  I write fanfiction.  I read fanfiction.  I try to fall in love with other books.  I do everything that's possible to bide my time.

I'm a fast reader (I may not be good at much else, but I am one of the fastest readers ever; finished HP 7 in 6 hours flat).  So months (maybe years) of waiting all comes down to 3 to 6 glorious hours of blissful reading.

All that time wasted.  All that time waiting.  Is it worth it?

Every time.

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