Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Percy Jackson Series

Conclusion:  Epic.  To the 100000000000000000th extreme.  I am a happy, happy, happy camper.  Best wrap-up to any series I've ever read (kthanx for disappointing me Harry Potter).

Go read it.


Come to think of it, I'm kind of in such a state of shock that I don't think I can write for at least a day or two.  Nothing I write will ever compare to what I just read.  I think I'm going to go reread the ending to absorb it better.  It also makes me vaguely sad that my life will never be as exciting as a fantasy novel.

---------2nd Edit---------

To Rick Riordan:  You are my hero.  Thanks a billion for writing this amazing, wonderful, rolicking ride of a book series and creating one of the most memorable characters I have ever read. The whole thing is right on up there with the Chronicles of Narnia (You make Twilight seem like the lamest thing on the planet).  This is going to be one that lasts, I promise!

---------3rd edit-----------

Yeah, I'm aware this is excessive.  But I had a thoroughly depressing thought.  Now I need to go find another series to fall in love with.  Whatever shall I do?!  This series was freaking tailor-made for a Greek mythology buff like me.  Argh!

PS So you know, right now The Last Olympian is #3 on the Bestseller List on Amazon, higher ranked than any of the Twilight books, which have held the spot for many weeks.

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