Saturday, April 4, 2009

Random Musings

I am astounded by how much better Chapter 1 of "Steam" is than Chapter 1 of "The Project."  As a result, I have to thank my first novel ardently for teaching me how to suck less at writing.  I still suck, but I suck less.  It's a good accomplishment.

Right now, I'm still blissfully in that stage of "I'm so in love with my work."  I plan on savoring it before I hit the rut that is the middle of the manuscript which is more "I hate this stupid project; I wish it would write itself and/or die."  I guess a lot of people get this during the editing stage, which I shall tackle come Monday, so perhaps I should ready myself for this feeling of intense dislike/depression.  

I just realized I still have to write a synopsis and a query letter later. That is the ultimate rain on my parade.  It's the equivalent of doing the Works Cited part of your paper.  You write your whole freakin' paper, and it's an absolute gem.  You save it, forget about it, then the day before the paper is due, you realize you haven't done the citation yet, and as you don't want to be accused of plagiarism, you sit at your computer and agonizingly cite sources for almost as long as it took to write the damn paper itself.  Blech!

This is entirely irrelevant, but I was thinking about if I could write another fanfic novel, I'd do it on the relationship between Poseidon and Sally in the (gasp) Percy Jackson series.  Just because I think Greek gods are very complex and cool, and it must be the best romance ever.  Better than vampires by a long shot.  Gods are moody womanizers, and you could be eternally bitter that some divine being had a one-night stand with you and then saddled you with a kid.  But I think Poseidon genuinely loved Sally, and it's by virtue of the fact that Greek gods just can't be held down in one place (especially if you ARE the ocean) that he left.  Sad!  Star-crossed! What a fabulous story!  Except twenty other people have already thought of it.  But I'm convinced I could do an interesting rendition. Had I the time or desire to get entangled with another commitment (which I don't).

Chapter 2 of "Steam" is going to be wonderful because I get to introduce Ella!  Who is my favorite character!  She is just pops as a character in my head.  I can't wait.  

I think I'm going to read some mind-numbing fanfiction for the moment.  You just need that sometimes.  It's like a comfort food.


This makes me sad again that I left my Rei/Sesshoumaru project, because the sequel was going to be so fantastic.  I loved the ending so much, and I desperately wanted to write it, but as is, I'm busy with projects I can hopefully publish, and I don't have the time or energy. I just adore the mortal/immortal aspects of stories (except Twilight, which I read and enjoy as a guilty pleasure, but I despise the fact that I like it--Bella and Edward are the two most dysfunctional people ever, and they're even more dysfunctional when together).

You know what else is sad?  Looking at my progress blurb on the side where "The Project" is sitting at 71k, and "Steam" is a baby at 3k.  3k?  That's barely anything at all.

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