Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When Life Gets In the Way

Thoroughly dislike it when I have to be working on a political science paper rather than my fiction.  Never mind political science is actually my minor.  My priorities are obviously in order.

I finally came up with a title for "The Project," which is now "Across the River Styx."  I like this title because it showcases the fact that the book is about Greek mythology and set in the underworld.  I don't know how many people have assumed the first chapter is the end, and the story flashes back.  No.  Meg is dead, and then the story begins.  Hopefully, then people somewhat expect this of the plot, even only reading the first chapter.

I am in love with "Steam."  I am doubting "Across the River Styx." One thing is for sure: the first four chapters need to be rewritten.  I spent hours revising and rewriting, so the manuscript looks more or less like a blob of red ink right now.  "Steam," however, is still my precious, perfect baby.  So pretty.  Pretty, pretty.

Libba Bray has a scarily accurate portrayal of how writing goes: "Writing a Novel, A Love Story."  

Tell me that isn't exactly the way it is.


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  2. Across the River Styx... neat title and allusion to Greek mythology.

    Thought I would pop in and let you know that we plan to start the blog chain on Monday, April 13th. Since your blog is first in chain (alphabetical order), I am suggesting that you start the chain. Do you feel up to it? Feel free to let me know.