Friday, May 29, 2009


In following with my blog description, here are my unorganized observations today.

There's a swallow's nest right outside my front door, where the wall meets the roof.  I don't know if this is a common occurrence, but for whatever reason, my family almost always has a swallow's nest by the door.  We had returning swallows at our old house too.  I suspect this is a new family of birds, although maybe they searched us out across town to find us again.  Maybe they lurrrrve us.  

My parents--The Chinese--say families that have swallows in the doorway have good luck.  We must be extraordinarily lucky people.  I like watching the birds.  They're actually very pretty, with their patterned tails and the splash of red under their chins.  Their nests are kind of hideous, made of mud and spit, I believe.

I woke up with horrendous allergies today.  My eyes are all swollen, and I've been sneezing up a storm.  I don't know why this is, as I haven't even stepped foot outside yet.  My body decides to wage war on itself for entertainment.

I wasn't thinking when I bought my Obama shirt from DC on Inauguration Day.  I still haven't worn it in public, because I live in a very Republican little town, and well...I've had my fill of being yelled at from when I canvassed in Indiana.  I just don't feel comfortable advertising my politics on my clothing, at least when I'm not purposely campaigning.  And most of my friends are Republican.  I should've thought of that.  But I am wearing it now because it is comfortable to write in, and I don't feel like changing when I go out tonight.  I suppose I'll have to get over it.  It seems like a waste to have bought a shirt and never get to wear it outside my home. People do make judgments on you based on what you wear and worse based on your politics. There is more to me, and more to everyone else, than party association.  Don't you think?  People forget this sometimes.  Politics are dumb.  Why did I choose this as my minor?

How do you feel about soft characters versus hard characters?  I am trying to make Meg a softer character, less sarcastic, less abrasive (less like me, in other words).  What qualities do you like in a character?  Does a character have to be likeable (I don't think Bella from Twilight is likeable, but I read her whole saga nonetheless) to be good?

I wrestle with these thoughts as I rewrite Chapter 3.  

Happy Friday!

--------Late Breaking Update-------

This surely comes as no surprise to anyone.  Is it sad I didn't care about the book industry until I started writing seriously?  Now I feel guilty every time I read a book and fail to buy it, like I personally am letting down the book industry.  And I think of the author who probably wants me to buy it, when I am instead looking at the first few chapters and then putting it down.  I have honestly made more of an effort to purchase books since January.  Poor book industry.  Poor writers.  :-(


  1. *hugs* I have allergies too and they stink!

    I don't think a character has to be likable, just interesting enough that people want to know them.

    Good luck on your chapter!

  2. My heroine is not "kick ass" as is currently popular for heroines. One beta reader told me, "She's weak and normally I despise weak heroines but for some reason I still like her." My hero, on the other hand, may have come across as too strong (too perfect?) and therefore actually unlikable...? I'm not sure.

  3. I buy a lot of books, so next time you feel guilty, just know that I bought my share and yours, 'kay? Okay.

    As for characters. I didn't like Bella, but she's not the reason we read those books. It's because we DO like Edward and the whole Cullen family.

    I think you only need your character to be one thing: human. They must have strengths and weaknesses just like we do. That's it.