Monday, June 1, 2009

Scheduling Conflicts

Firstly, today the museum called me with an interview on the 8th.  I really hope they take me, because I've always wanted to work at a museum.  It's a local one.  Very small.  But a museum is a museum, and the building was an old courthouse, so it's still grand and pretty-looking.  I think it's every history major's dream to work at a museum.  Even if to only sweep the dust off shelves. And also, a summer of history and writing would be my absolute ideal summer.  Let's hope it works out.  (Tomorrow is my first creative writing class ever.  Stay tuned for how it goes.)

Writers are a strange bunch of people.  But I assume most of you are not hermits and have daily life constraints that get in the way of your writing time.  Some people have a designated time, and they write at that time EVERY DAY.  This does not happen for me.  I usually have a daily word count goal, but I don't have a set time.  When would that time be, anyway?  Morning?  Don't make me laugh.  I consider it a good day if I get up before 11 am.  Afternoon?  Usually this is when writing happens.  But if it doesn't...nighttime?  I generally have plans with friends at night. Because I'm such a social butterfly.  :-P

So for me, writing gets done in the ins and outs of the day.  Whenever I can squeeze in a bit.  You'd think summer would be a good time to write a lot, but actually, my schedule is more solid during the year when I have classes to occupy the rest of my time.  I know most of the people who read my blog are long since out of college.  But people my age are...not good at planning.  When my mom asks if I'm doing something at night, I say no, but I don't know until someone texts me two hours before it happens.

We don't plan.  That's how we roll.

When a friend texts at 4 pm, saying, "Hey, let's grab Thai food at 7," a normal person would not say, "Can't, that's my writing time, LOL."  Plus, most of my friends don't know how much time I devote to writing anyway, or how seriously I take it.  I would just sound like a crotchety, anti-social weirdo.  

Thus, I end up working my writing time around my life.  How does everybody else do it?  Are you uncompromising on your allotted writing time, or do you write whenever there's time?  I'm not complaining.  My life is way easier than most.  And the writing gets done.  It's just a challenge to make it happen.

In other fun news, I was at a graduation party yesterday in the park, and there were medieval combat people fighting in the field.  No joke.  It caused endless entertainment.  It got even better when someone from my old high school showed up, in full battle gear.  Awkward.  Apparently, there are 150 chapters (realms, they're called) in the US and ours is "Wolves of the High Plain." Excuse me if you're into this kind of stuff, but it was odd.  We kept watching, because we could barely believe it was real.  Candid Camera stuff, for sure.  Nope.  They practice every Sunday.  You discover something new every day in Blo-No.


  1. Total awesomeness re medieval mock fighting! I would love to have seen it. It's not something I could actually do, but I'd love to see it.

    I have a daily wordcount. Life is hectic and crazy, but I've found that it only gets worse if I haven't been writing. Writing soothes and calms me. I don't always hit the goal, but I try to every day. :D

  2. Ahh ... Medieval combat. Have you seen Role Models? If not, you should. Roleplaying at its finest :)

  3. I definitely write when time/energy allows - no scheduled time for me!