Friday, August 7, 2009

Mini Break

Yeah, I'm taking a one day break.  This sounds wimpy and lame.  When I write a lot in a day, it is emotionally draining.  I literally turn into a zombie.  I can't think.  I can barely function. That's not healthy.  And that is what I have been the past week.  

I feel pressured to plot faster and faster so I can get the ending out.  I am really worried the ending will be anti-climactic if I push too much.  That's what happened in the first draft, and I am wary not to make the same mistake.  This is, in a sense, a big revision after all.  This draft is stronger in every aspect than the first, and I can't ruin it by screwing up the climax.

I wrote maybe 800 words today before feeling like brain matter was leaking out through my ears.  I, the one who does not get headaches, have been getting chronic headaches lately.  Sure, I got a lot done, but I'm not sure I want to sacrifice my sanity for a deadline.  Plus, one day won't hurt.  Tomorrow, my dad and I are going to Chicago because we are bored as all hell in Central Illinois.  I will have all the time in the car to plot--slowly and without distractions.  

Today, I watched Star Trek at the dollar theater with my friends.  Now, I can see the necessity of a Star Trek poster in our room next year.  I also understand why my roommate has a love affair with Spock.  He's one smokin' Vulcan.

Have a nice weekend everybody.  I hope tomorrow gives my eyes and head a break.  I don't like taking painkillers.


  1. Hugs! Definitely take a break. I usually do on a Saturday anyway, it's good for the muse. I don't write when I'm sick (yes, which is a lot...) because I can't fight germs and be creative. It's one or the other. Rest up, and hopefully the headache will go away.

  2. Enjoy your day off! We have the tendency to rush the end, so it's good to take a break and slow things down.

  3. Oh, I'm SO the same way with getting emotionally drained when writing. And I love to plot stuff in the car. It's a great place to do that.

    I do hope you use some of the outlining methods to make sure your ending won't be anticlimatic. That's the whole point of all that mapping. ;)

    Oh, and I'm a Trekkie. Hubby and I area always watching episodes, and I grew up with it. Hope you get more into it!

  4. Hope you feel better soon. I'm a big fan of days off (occasionally) and it sounds like you deserve it. Have fun!